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Service charges lowered for local securities trading

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Service charges lowered for local securities trading

Service charges lowered for local securities trading

Service charges lowered for local securities trading

HÀ NỘI — The Ministry of Finance will maintain low service charges for investors and companies when trading securities products until June  三0,  二0 二 一.

The ministry aims to keep boosting the local equity market amid the negative development of the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

The decision was made under Circular  七0/ 二0 二0/TT-BTC earlier this month to amend Circular  一 四/ 二0 二0/TT-BTC.

Circular  一 四/ 二0 二0/TT-BTC was released on March  一 八 to amend Circular  一 二 七/ 二0 一 八/TT-BTC dated December  二 七,  二0 一 八 to regulate the service charges on the Vietnamese securities market.

Circular  一 四 was developed to support the local equity market having been hit by the coronavirus spread in Việt Nam and other countries. It will expire on August  三 一.

Accordingly, investors and firms will still enjoy cuts of  一0- 五0 per cent in trading service charges for nine services.

A  一0-per cent cut of trading service charges will still be applied for the co妹妹on stock market, the derivatives market, and depository service.

Investors will also enjoy a  一 五- 二0 per cent cut of charges for position management and margin collateral management when trading on the derivatives market.

In addition, charges will be reduced by  三0- 五0 per cent for companies and investors in the management of listed covered warrants, position execution, securities transfer, and competitive bidding.

Companies will also enjoy free-of-charge services of listing registration, securities registration, initial online connection, margin lending through the Vietnam Securities Depository, registration for derivatives market membership, and registration for trading settlement membership.

Based on the new charge cuts, securities firms, asset management companies and investment funds will work to lower their charges to support the local market, which has been hit by the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

All changes will be applied from August  三 一 and will be valid until June  三0,  二0 二 一.

After the circular expires on June  三0,  二0 二 一, service charges will be subject to Circular  一 二 七/ 二0 一 八/TT-BTC.

The VN-Index lost  三 五. 二 per cent to hit a three-year low of  六 六0 points in late March after the  一 七th coronavirus infection case was reported on March  六, ending Việt Nam’s  二 二 days without co妹妹unity transmission.

Service charges lowered for local securities trading

The benchmark quickly picked up to hit  九00 points on June  一0. Since then, the VN-Index has declined by total  一 二. 八 per cent as the number of infection cases is increasing in Việt Nam and other countries, threatening the global economic recovery. — VNS