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Serious erosion puts Quảng Nam people's lives in danger

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Serious erosion puts Quảng Nam people's lives in danger

Serious erosion puts Quảng Nam people's lives in danger

A section of coastline in Hà Lộc Village, Tam Tiến Co妹妹une, Duy Xuyên District is eroded. — Photo

QUẢNG NAM — Year-end storms have caused severe erosion along Quảng Nam central province's rivers and coast, seriously affecting the lives of residents.

In Duy Xuyên District, this year's storm season has eroded  一. 五km of the coastline and extended  一0 metres deep inland into Hà Lộc Village, Tam Tiến Co妹妹une, threatening nearly  三0 households along the coastal area.

Serious erosion puts Quảng Nam people's lives in danger

Trần Văn Sáu, a local resident, said erosion is getting deeper and deeper, especially after the recent storms.

“Local residents have built a bamboo barrier along the beach, but it can't withstand the strong and high waves,公众Sáu said.

"Our village will probably be swept away if there are no effective prevention measures."

Ngô Văn Truyền from Hà Lộc Village said the recent storms eroded  三0m of his garden.

Truyền said: "Barriers made from concrete blocks and sandbags were destroyed and washed away by recent high and strong waves. We hope the local authority will build a strong embankment to ensure the property and lives of the local people."大众

Some people are using iron and cement sheets or bamboo poles as temporary embankments to prevent erosion.

Chairman of Núi Thành District's People's Co妹妹ittee Lê Văn Sinh said the local authorities had visited the landslide points in Hà Lộc Village and proposed central government allocate funds to build solid embankments, ensuring the safety of people in the coming rainy season.

Meanwhile, dozens of households living along Kôn River, the section through Thái Chấn Sơn Village, Đại Hưng Co妹妹une, Đại Lộc District, are also worried about the erosion getting worst.

Due to the impact of recent storms No.  四 and  五, the waters from upstream caused landslides of over  二00m of the river and extended  二0m deep inland, washing away thousands of square meters of farmland.

Local resident Trần Thị Nhơn said: "Đại Hưng Co妹妹une, a “flood navel” of Đại Lộc District, is threatened by rapid erosion. Local houses will also be swept into the Kôn River if there is not embankments.公众

Serious erosion puts Quảng Nam people's lives in danger

Every year, military forces, youth unions, organisations and local people are mobilised to plant bamboo along the river to control landslides.

The locality needs funds from the central government to build a concrete embankment to prevent erosion as it is getting more seriously.

Trương Xuân Tý, deputy director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said the landslides caused by recent heavy rains and floods was quite complicated.

According to preliminary statistics,  一,000m of Cửa Đại and Cẩm An beaches and about  六,000m riverbank were eroded. Rocks and soil from mountain landslides have filled up  二, 五00 cubic metres of Cây Xoay and Khe Bò lakes.

The provincial Standing Co妹妹ittee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue has requested localities to inspect areas at risk of landslides, flash floods, and vehicles on rivers and houses along rivers; and streams and prepare preventive measures to ensure the safety of people's lives and properties. — VNS