#1 Conan Exiles – Full Guide to Make Steel

Conan Exiles – Guide to Make Steel

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In conan exiles games,for making still, you need to follow some steps.

Here,i will try to describe you these steps.


Secret of the Steel Revealed

First of all you need to at least level 30 to craft some steel bars.

You Need

  • Brimstone

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  • Cauldron

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  • Steel Fire


  • Iron Bars
  • Furnace
  • Tar


Here’s the Recipe

First put brimstone and tar into cauldron to make some steel fire.Then put the steel fire and some iron bars into the furnace.Light it.Aaaand done.Now destroy your enemies ^^


How To Obtain the Ingredients


  • Tar can be found as a sideproduct from tannery.
  • Brimstone can be found from some stone like trees from NW of the map. And also from Rocknose monsters.

Here what’s he looks like:



You may also visit:



For more information you may watch:

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