#1 The Legend of Zelda: Fishing Pond Full Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Fishing Pond Full Guide

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is an action-adventure game.Here i show you a full guide to find fishing pond in the north part of Mabe Village.

Find the Fishing Pond in the north part of Mabe Village, just past the rooster weather vein.


How to Fish in Link’s Awakening

At the pond, a man will tell you how to fish. It’s pretty simple:

  1. Hold A to cast the line. The longer you hold it, the farther it will go.
  2. Once the lure is in the water, move the L-stick to wiggle it to attract fish.
  3. Tap A quickly once the fish is on the line to reel it in!


Link’s Awakening Fishing Tips:


  1. Start by casting the lure to the left of the fish – you’ll have more tries with it this way.
  2. Wiggle only slightly, and when the lure is directly in front of the fish’s face.
  3. Watch out for feint bites! It has to be a solid chomp for you to be able to reel it in.
  4. Avoid tapping A when the fish is facing away from Link. It’s likely the fish will break the line! Be patient, and you’ll reel it in.


Link’s Awakening Fishing Rewards

There are four rewards you can get by fishing here.

1. The first is a Piece of Heart, for catching any fish of any size.


2. You’ll get another Piece of Heart for catching a “lunker” aka, a big fish! These are big and green.

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Fishing Pond Full Guide 1

3. Also by catching your first big fish, you’l get a middleweight lure, which will sink to the bottom!

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Fishing Pond Full Guide 2

4. With the middleweight lure equipped, you can snag a Fairy Bottle at the bottom of the pond to the left, hidden slightly by grass.

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Fishing Pond Full Guide 3

If any other fish are in the grass, capture it, or reel it in and let it get away, so it’s not next to the bottle. Then, hook the bottle and quickly reel it in while avoiding the fish in the pond.

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