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10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 – 2021 Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best mechanical keyboard under $100? If you want to play seriously on your computer, a classic desktop keyboard will not cut you off.

Especially if you are involved in an electronic sports competition, the right equipment can help you stay on top of your fitness for years. The keyboard is an essential part of the game. You will need a well-defined keyboard for a better game.

There are various functions that you can use from the consoles themselves. Even when you have a laptop, it is advantageous to have a keyboard because there are many functions that it can use.

The problem is that mechanical keyboards are not always cheap. Finding the best gaming keyboard within a budget is a process of comparing numerous functions.

If you’re not patient enough, you may get a cheap mechanical keyboard that doesn’t come close to meeting your gaming and typing needs. We have compiled the best mechanical keyboards under the $100 list. mechanical

mechanical keyboard


The Corsair STRAFE RGB MK.2 is fantastic for gaming. It feels well-built, comfortable, and you can customize the RGB lighting through the iCUE software. 


The Corsair STRAFE RGB MK.2 is an outstanding mechanical keyboard. It’s compatible with the Corsair iCUE software which lets you customize the RGB backlighting and set macros to any key you want, and it has many extra features like dedicated media keys, a volume control wheel, and a USB passthrough. 

The Cherry MX Red switches on our unit feel fairly light to press and they provide a good typing experience, but it’s available with Cherry MX Silent switches as well. It’s comfortable to type on despite its hard wrist rest. It feels well-built and has minimal flex, but the ABS plastic keycaps feel a little cheap.

  • All keys are macro-programmable.
  • Fully customizable RGB lighting.
  • Good typing experience.
  • Good overall build quality.
  • Wrist rest connectors feel fragile.
  • ABS keycaps feel cheap.
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 1

Rosewill K85

The Rosewill K85 is an awesome mechanical keyboard that comes in handy for a raft of activities aside from office work or gaming.


It is, without a doubt, one of the best mechanical keyboard you can get for gaming on your PC. First, you want to know everything about it, including the top features, build specs, and much more. Having an aluminum frame is one of the features you’ll appreciate in the K85.

With the keyboard’s built-in mechanical switches, you have more click feels playing or just typing away.

The switches encourage sounds, though. If you’re up for distinctive sounds, the K85 won’t disappoint you. For gamers, it makes your overall gaming experience more fun.

  • Users have a lot of opportunities to customize this keyboard

  • Great transition animations with excellent lighting capabilities
  • Strong aluminum frame to enhance durability and longevity

  • Non-detachable wrist rest

  • Can’t turn off the side plating light even if they are gentle
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 2

Cooler Master CK552

The Cooler Master CK552 is a great value, offering a sleek aluminum design, full RGB per-key lighting, and smooth and responsive switches.


Cooler Master’s done a pretty great job designing an entry-level mechanical keyboard that still looks high-end. I’m incredibly impressed with the CK552’s aesthetic, which easily competes with keyboards twice its price. It’s simple but stylish, featuring an exposed brushed metal backplate and a minimalist rectangular shape with the left and right edges sloped slightly outward.

The CK552’s backlighting is the standard Cherry MX-style, with a single RGB LED placed at the top of each key and refracted through a translucent switch chassis. It’s not the most elegant solution, but Cooler Master makes the most of it. The CK552 is vibrant, with excellent color accuracy.

  • Vibrant per-key RGB lighting at a bargain price
  • Gateron Red switches are a great Cherry alternative
  • Cord attachment seems delicate
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 3


The Logitech G710+ has everything a good mechanical keyboard requires and nothing extraneous.


The G710+ is a gorgeous product, fitting a lot of functions into a relatively compact package. The device is colorful, too, sporting black and silver keys, white backlighting, orange and red buttons, and an orange border around the macro keys.

The keys on the G710+ may not rewrite the book on modern mechanical keyboards, but they’re comfortable enough to fade into the background as you type the Great American Novel or crouch behind cover in “Call of Duty.” Each key has a smooth, matte finish with a slight indentation to allow fingers to rest comfortably. The W, A, S, D, and arrow keys are silver instead of black, but this is entirely an aesthetic distinction.

  • Excellent physical design Best-in-class software Easy to record and use macros Smart, efficient key placement
  • Keys have no texture Flimsy wrist rest
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 4

Tt eSports Poseidon Z

The Thermaltake Poseidon Z RGB is a programmable RGB mechanical keyboard currently available for a little under $100 at Amazon, making it one of the cheapest programmable RGB keyboards available.


The Poseidon Z RGB keyboard we received uses Thermaltake’s “Certified Brown Mechanical Switches.” More simply put, these are are Kailh Brown switches. The media keys are numerous and useful, but some are in uncomfortable positions. There are function keys for brightness, volume, skipping, pausing, profile changes, NKRO, and macro recording.

The key caps on the Poseidon Z RGB are standard for mechanical keyboard. They are thin, painted ABS plastic keycaps with legends made by paint exclusion, allowing light to shine through the legends. The space bar is actually a bit unique, as it has a rounded edge on the side facing the user.

  • Excellent Build Quality, Kailh Mechanical Switches (60 Million Actuations)
  • Full RGB Key Illumination
  • Driverless
  • 5 Years Warranty, 5 Available Profiles
  • No Macro Keys
  • Price
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 5

Cooler Master SK630

The Cooler Master SK630 (and SK650) are incredibly slim, portable, and attractive, but a cramped typing experience will turn off many users.


Apart from the number of keys and their exact dimensions, the SK650 and SK630 are identical. Both have flat, chiclet-style keycaps sitting atop a silver, brushed aluminum base that has attractive, chamfered edges and a dark plastic bottom. 

The mechanical keyboard both come with braided, 1.8-meter USB Type-C to Type-A cables that are removable. I wish every keyboard had removable cabling like that. They also come with black drawstring bags you can put in for safe travel.

  • Light, thin and easy to carry
  • Detachable, USB Type-C cable
  • Gorgeous lighting effects
  • Attractive, flat shape
  • Polarizing low-profile switches
  • Flat keys can feel awkward
  • No feet
  • Expensive
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 6

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

The HyperX Alloy Elite 2 is an outstanding mechanical keyboard. It features proprietary HyperX Red switches, which have a low actuation force.


The HyperX Alloy Elite 2 is an outstanding mechanical keyboard. It has features most gamers are looking for, such as macro-programmable keys and customizable RGB backlighting. The proprietary HyperX Red switches provide a good typing experience and have a low actuation force. The dedicated INGENUITY software offers excellent customization options, but it’s only available on Windows.

It feels well-built with a steel plate on top, but the ABS keycaps feel like they’re a bit cheap. It has dedicated media keys, great if you listen to music while gaming, and it has a USB passthrough, allowing you to connect your mouse or to charge your phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a wrist rest and you may feel tired typing on it for long periods

  • Macro-programmable keys.

  • RGB backlighting.
  • Linear switches are light to press.
  • Onboard memory.

  • Doesn’t offer much in terms of ergonomics.

  • ABS keycaps feel a bit cheap.
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 7

Corsair K63

The Corsair K63 Wireless is an amazing mechanical keyboard. Its Cherry MX Red switches feel light and responsive, and it has backlighting for those who like to game in the dark.


 The Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is an exceptional and versatile keyboard. It can be paired using its wireless USB receiver or through Bluetooth, and it can connect to two devices at a time for easy multitasking. It has linear Cherry MX Red switches that feel extremely responsive, and it has excellent compatibility with various operating systems. 

It’s designed to fit into the Corsair Lapboard, which provides support and stability when using the keyboard with a home theater PC, although it’s sold separately, and we haven’t reviewed it. Sadly, its backlighting is limited to a single blue color, and it doesn’t have onboard memory or a cloud sync feature to export your customization settings. On the whole, though, it’s a great option for gaming or work.

  • Dedicated media controls.
  • Multi-device pairing.
  • Impressively low wired latency.
  • No onboard memory.
  • Can’t change backlighting color.
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 8


The Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum offers a comfortable design and colorful lighting.


Due to its tenkeyless design, the Atlas Spectrum doesn’t consume much space. The keyboard measures 15.4 x 7.3 inches and weighs only 1.83 pounds.

Atlas Spectrum makes use of Logitech-exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches. For those who haven’t heard of these switches before, they’re comparable to Cherry MX Brown switches: fairly resistant, but with a soft, quiet touch. 

Much of the Atlas Spectrum’s premium price is likely due to the full RGB backlighting. If you want to set up a solid color, a dazzling rainbow pattern, or some kind of ocular Lovecraftian horror in which every key is a wildly different shade, the Atlas Spectrum will make your wish come true.


  • Striking physical design
  • Beautiful, colorful backlighting
  • Small, light, and portable.
  • Unwieldy software
  • Key switches feel so-so
  • Expensive.
10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 - 2021 Buying Guide 9

Redragon K552

The Redragon K552 is a good mechanical keyboard. The clicky Outemu Blue switches are satisfying and responsive, and they have a short pre-travel distance. 


The Redragon K552-RGB is a good mechanical keyboard with clicky tactile switches and a TenKeyLess design that’s simple and functional. Its impressive build quality and superb RGB lighting with individually backlit keys compete with keyboards at twice its price.

Unfortunately, the keyboard is pretty barebones when it comes to extra features, and the clicky Outema Blue switches are loud and may not be the best choice for quiet offices.

However, given its budget price, it’s still a good option for those looking for a basic mechanical keyboard with admirable performance.

  • Build quality feels great.
  • Low pre-travel distance.
  • Full RGB lighting with Individually-backlit keys.
  • No customization software.
  • Mediocre latency.


We have hope you find this article useful. These were our pics for the best Mechanical keyboard under $100.

All of these keyboards are great, we hope you find which one is perfect for you.

And if you are looking for budget keyboards, or have a little more budget we have got you covered. Check out this article on Top 5 Mechanical Gaming keyboards under $200 and Top 5 gaming keyboards under $50.


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