10 Superhero mods of GTA 5 Free Downloads

From Marvels to DC, get your favourite superhero.

GTA 5: Superheroes

GTA 5 has always been a game, where everything can be installed and turned into a reality. From supercars to small slime boxes, you can be whatever you want. I think that’s what makes this game so enjoyable and fun. I am here to add superheroes to your game..

Yes, superheroes. 

Today, in this article, I have bought the best superhero GTA mods that can be played in your game. You can download one, two or all of them if you want to. 

10. Hawkeye


Some say, “he’s the glue keeping Avengers together”. Others say, “He’s the best martial artist and marksman.” But from my guess, he’s both of them. That is why he is here!

Not only that he is here, but he also bought his bow with himself too. You can now use it to “bow down” the enemy. Make sure to keep it precious, just like how Hawkeye would be. 



9. Black Widow

Black Widow

A former KGB member and now a S.H.I.E.L.D member and a member of the superhero team – Avengers. Black Widow really has the skill that most lacks. 

With one of the most iconic Black Widow suits, you can have Black Widow in your game too.

Download from here.

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8. Captain America

Captain America

We all know what Steve Rogers is capable of doing. No matter how much hate this guy gets, there is no stopping him. 

You can achieve the powers of Captain America’s incredible shield by pressing “i” and throwing it at the enemy. But you will have to find it. If you miss the target or spawn a new shield. 

Download it here


7. Thor


The almighty Odin’s son is here. Stronger than ever. 

This mod includes fantastic features such as throw weapon attacks, Multiple target system for some attacks (Hold aim and click attack/special attack button, then release Aim to attack) and much more. 


6. Batman 


I don’t know about Batman powers but all I do know is that he got some of the sexiest looking cars. 

Even if those cars aren’t available IRL, we can get them in our favourite game GTA V and I am here to do just that. 

This mod, not only does it include batman itself but also skins of different Batman that you can try. If you ever dreamt of riding one of Batman’s cars, here is your chance.

Download now.

5. Hulk


The monster. The destructor and the angriest man alive is here. Mr Hulk, stronger than ever.

This mod offers different skins of Hulk and the power equivalent to him. 

Get it from here.

4. Deadpool


Wade Wilson, the immortal? You decide that. I can give you the whole Deadpool for that. 

Go Ka-Boom! With him in GTA 5 and his own weapons. You can go on a destructive streak with his weapons and cars included in this mod.

Mod download link.

3. Dragon Ball Z: Goku

Dragon Ball Z: Goku

I could not forget this guy. From Earth to I don’t know how many different planets, Goku has the popularity of big-time Hollywood stars. 

This skin includes a Goku skin and different weapons of Goku.


2. Flash 

The Flash

He goes ZAP! Fastest in the world. The flash. 

Run around in your GTA 5 city with the fastest speed. Run as fast as lightning and conqueror.


1. Iron man


Iron man is one of the most popular superheroes. After all, who doesn’t knows him? Even my grandma used to ask if he’s well. Maybe not her. 

Iron man skin blends perfectly into the game and feels as real as it is. GTA 5, as futuristic as the game is, it matches the Iron Man skin and it would feel like a default skin until you start using your powers.

Download from here.

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