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12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming – 2021

There has been significant development in the gaming FPS mouse industry in recent years. Reducing latency and increasing reliability have become the priority of manufacturers. Wireless and wired gaming Mouse Now days have amazing performance when it comes to even the most professional gamers.

I have done the daunting task of searching for the best FPS mouse for you. After going over hundreds of mice, I have here for you the top 12 gaming mouse:

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Corsair M65 RGB Elite

Great for FPS video games. It has a very low click latency and is decently light when taking out all the available weights. 


The Corsair M65 Elite is a very good gaming FPS mouse that has an excellent build quality thanks to its aluminum frame. Its performance is also outstanding and you can easily customize its CPI settings to better suit your preferences.

It also has a sniper button that switches your CPI to your set value for as long as you hold it, which is very useful. On the upside, it has great ergonomics and fits most people. People with extra-large hands might not feel comfortable using a palm or claw grip, while smaller hands might not have great control over the mouse with a fingertip grip.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Near-universal design for all hand sizes and grips.
  • Stiff cable.
  • Not recommended for small hands with fingertip grip, or extra-large hands with palm or claw grip.
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Very good for video games like FPS. It has amazing performance and can be customized to suit your preferences, but it isn’t the lightest option. On the upside, its click latency is decently low and the mouse feels responsive.


The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a very good gaming FPS mouse that follows the DeathAdder design from previous years. It’s great for right-handed people who are looking for a mouse with amazing performance and setting options. It has a sleek gaming design, without overdoing it, and fits almost every hand size and grip.

 It’s fairly simple and sleek, with the Razer logo on the back. It has RGB lighting on both the logo and on each side of the mouse wheel. It has a slight downward slant on the right side, too.

  • Very good FPS mouse.

  • Excellent performance.
  • Very well-built design.
  • Almost universal for all hand sizes and grips.

  • Not recommended for smaller hands, unless using a palm grip.

  • Rigid cable.
  • Not suitable for traveling due to wired-only use and size.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 1

Logitech G502 Hero

The Logitech G502 HERO is a very good gaming FPS mouse for FPS games. It has low click latency, and a wide customizable CPI range, and an adjustable polling rate.


The Logitech G502 HERO is a great wired gaming FPS mouse that feels well-made and has a premium look. It has a ton of programmable buttons, low click latency, and a wide customizable CPI range. Though it’s rather heavy, it comes with five removable weights to allow you to customize the weight to suit your preference.

Unfortunately, it’s a rather large mouse, and people with small hands will likely have a hard time getting a comfortable grip or reaching all the buttons.

  • Very well-built and premium feel.
  • Low click latency and excellent sensor performance.
  • Lots of programmable buttons.
  • Fully compatible with Windows and macOS.
  • Large design may be uncomfortable for people with small hands.
  • Stiff cable.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 2


 It feels well-built and is almost universally suitable for all grip types and nearly all hand sizes.


The BenQ ZOWIE FK2-B is a good wired gaming FPS mouse and is the smallest of the three mice in the BenQ ZOWIE FK series. It feels sturdy, has low latency, and has an ambidextrous, low-profile shape. It’s well-suited for palm and claw grip for all hand sizes and fingertip grip for large and extra-large hands.

Unfortunately, its cable isn’t very flexible, and there’s no companion software for customization, which means there are only four default CPI settings and three polling rates that you can cycle through with buttons on the bottom.

  • Feels well-built.
  • Low click latency.
  • Comfortable low-profile shape.
  • Fairly heavy.
  • No companion software for customization and only four CPI presets.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 3

SteelSeries Sensei 310

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is very good for FPS mouse. It feels sturdy, has good click latency, good mouse feet that glide smoothly on mousepads, and it’s ideal for a claw grip for all hand sizes. 


The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a great wired gaming FPS mouse. It feels sturdy, has two side buttons on each side, and has a comfortable ambidextrous shape that’s ideal for claw grip regardless of hand size, though it’s also suitable for a fingertip grip for larger hands or a palm grip for smaller hands.

It has good click latency, a good lift-off distance, a wide CPI range, and a set CPI that you can adjust by increments of 100. Unfortunately, it has a fairly stiff rubber cable, and our unit’s sensor is somewhat inconsistent, as it undershoots the set CPI more for faster mouse movements than slower ones.

  • Good click latency.
  • Feels well-built.
  • All buttons are programmable.
  • Fairly stiff rubber cable.
  • Borderline heavy.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 4

BenQ Zowie EC2

The BenQ ZOWIE EC2 is bad for travel since it’s a wired-only mouse with no wireless options. It’s designed to be used with your at-home gaming setup.


The BenQ ZOWIE EC2 is a good gaming FPS mouse that’s somewhat light. Its high back and slightly curved design should feel comfortable for right-handed people, especially if used in a palm or claw grip. The click latency is low and should feel responsive while gaming and the CPI range is wide, although its maximum CPI isn’t as high as some other gaming mice.

Unfortunately, there’s no companion software, so you can’t customize any of the sensor settings or reprogram the buttons, and there are no RGB lighting zones. We only tested the medium variant, although we expect most of our results to apply to the large variant as well, except for the weight and grip type recommendation.

  • Low click latency.
  • Feels comfortable.
  • Fully compatible with Windows and macOS.
  • Somewhat lightweight.
  • Only decent build quality.
  • No customization software.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 5

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

This is a great FPS mouse for playing FPS games. It has an excellent low lag and offers a responsive gaming experience.


The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED is a great gaming FPS mouse. It has the excellent build quality and great ergonomics. It’s suitable for use with either hand and you can use any grip you prefer. People with small hands, however, might find some buttons not as comfortable to reach when using the fingertip grip.

This FPS mouse has excellent overall performance with low click latency and high precision and allows for many adjustments. It’s equipped with a large number of customizable buttons that you can program with the accompanying software, which is very versatile and has no compatibility issues.

  • Great mouse for gaming.

  • Very well-built design.
  • Excellent performance; customizable.
  • Excellent, versatile vertical wheel.

  • Lacks receiver dongle storage for easier portability.

  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 6

HyperX Pulsefire Core

The gaming performance of the HyperX Pulsefire Core is solid, compared to anything you can buy on a similar budget. 


The gaming performance of the HyperX Pulsefire Core is solid, compared to anything you can buy on a similar budget. A well-built gaming FPS mouse suitable for most hands, except for the ones who don’t prefer flared design at the front.
The mouse is something very personal to individual preferences, but for most entry to mid-level gamers out there, this mid-size gaming mouse is the perfect companion for FPS gaming!
  • Great sensor performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Decent buttons
  • Relatively light and flexible cable
  • Very limited performance settings available
  • Extremely heavyweight software
  • No replacement mouse feet included
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 7

Razer Naga Trinity

This FPS mouse has very low latency and you can choose to get up to 19 programmable buttons. The mouse has good ergonomics and feels good in the hand, but might be a bit bulky for smaller hands.


The Razer Naga Trinity is a great, versatile gaming FPS mouse thanks to its swappable side panel design. Whether you play FPS or MMO games, you’ll find a button layout that’s good for you. This is a wired-only mouse with very low latency, which is great. It’s also compatible with Razer Synapse 3, which allows a great amount of customization.

However, it’s a bit bulky, so it won’t be great for traveling or if you have smaller hands. Nevertheless, the Naga Trinity is very well-built and great for gamers who like a wider and taller body.

  • Great gaming design.
  • Multiple button-layouts; customizable.
  • Very well-built design.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Not recommended for small hands.
  • Rigid cable.
  • Not suitable for traveling due to wired-only use and size.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 8

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED

The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED is a good gaming mouse for FPS gaming. It has an impressively low click latency for a wireless mouse and should be comfortable enough for long gaming sessions.


The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED is a good wireless gaming FPS mouse. It has a straightforward and sleek design that comes in matte black, white, lilac, or blue, and can be used by right or left-handed people.

It’s a bit on the smaller side and may not be well-suited for people with very large hands, but it feels as well-built and premium as some of Logitech’s higher-end mice. It has low click latency and a wide, customizable CPI range that should please most gamers.

  • Premium design and feels very well-built.
  • Very low click latency for a wireless mouse.
  • Tons of customization options through Logitech’s G HUB software for Windows or macOS.
  • Might be a bit too small for people with larger hands.
  • Non-rechargeable and can’t be used wired.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 9

Corsair Nightsword RGB

Very good for MMOs. It offers ten programmable buttons, which isn’t as many as dedicated MMO mice. 


The Corsair Nightsword is a comfortable gaming FPS mouse with RGB lighting and an ergonomic design thanks to its slanted shape with a thumb rest. It offers a few programmable buttons, although it isn’t on par with a dedicated MMO mouse in that regard.

Also, its sensor is quite inconsistent, as it overshoots when moving the mouse fast and undershoots when moving it slowly. The mouse also isn’t recommended for people with small hands, as it’s a bit big. On the upside, it’s very well-built and has great customization options.

  • Very low click latency.
  • Very well-built design.
  • Great for palm and claw grips.
  • Inconsistent sensor.
  • Stiff cable.
12 Best FPS Mouse For First Person Shooter Gaming - 2021 10

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

The Corsair IRONCLAW is a fairly good FPS mouse for video games like FPS. Its click latency is extremely low when used with its receiver or when wired, which makes it feel very responsive. 


The Corsair IRONCLAW Wireless is a good overall gaming FPS mouse. This FPS mouse is rather large and has a right-slanted design, with thumb rest, meaning a palm grip is recommended for it. It has amazing sensor performance and very low click latency, whether wired or wireless.

However, it’s a heavy mouse that not everyone will prefer. Its buttons are also awkwardly positioned and might take some time to get used to. On the upside, the mouse is very well-built and will be better suited for larger hands.

  • Great build quality.

  • Amazing and customizable performance.
  • Great for palm grip.
  • Very low click latency; wireless and wired.

  • Stiff cable.

  • Unusual button layout.


We have hope you find the right gaming FPS mouse for you, which best fits your needs. This was the list of best FPS gaming mouse available on the market.

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Written by Ritvik


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