#1_GTA 5 – Full Guides and Game Tricks

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GTA 5 – Full Guides and Game Tricks

#1_GTA 5 - Full Guides and Game Tricks 1

A action game GTA 5 is developed  by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is indroduced since 2008. Its design is based on thestate of San Andreas,Southern California.

#1_GTA 5 - Full Guides and Game Tricks 2

In offline,The game is played with one player and player will navigate on foot or by vehicle. Through single-player, Players control the lead protagonists and switch among them. through online multiplayer mood, up to 30 players engage in different game mood.

Here some equipment recommended for you,

  • Cargobob – For I/E missions.
  • Armored Kuruma – Bullet sponge.
  • Buzzard – Insta-spawn fast helicopter for moving between vehicles and targets.
  • Oppressor Mk2 – Vehicle for beating the time trial. Mk2 makes the time trial mission trivial as you can speed straight there with no risk of crashing.
  • AP pistol – weapon.
  • Sniper rifle – For the Lago Zancudo stunt jump mission. In general, missions where the APC is used benefit from the sniper rifle (of whatever style) because the Armored Kuruma is not available for close combat protection.
  • APC w/ cannon (optional) – For missions that fight off waves of choppers (Armored Kuruma can be less optimally used instead of APC)
  • Stopwatch (optional) – Use a cell phone stopwatch to keep track of the 20 minute export timer. Reset the timer upon vehicle delivery. This saves the time necessary to enter the vehicle warehouse to check the export cooldown timer.
  • Terrabyte (highly optional) – “Robbery in progress” easy ~5 minute 30k+ GTA$ mission during I/E 20 minute cooldown. Also, stairway to top of covered parking if Big House warehouse is used.


It is recommended that 32 vehicle are “imported” and stored in the warehouse.GTA will ensure that exactly 1 of each vehicle type is stored from 32 vehicles. Whichever vehicle type is exported will be the vehicle type that is sourced from the import terminal.


Vehicle Warehouse Recommendation

A lot of discussions about the best vehicle warehouse location. I have never seen my choice crashed with anyone’s recommendation. For two reasons recommend the Big House as a preferred warehouse location.


  •  The landing area in North toward all of the import products locations, and
  •  the Big warehouse resides directly at the base of a large suspension bridge tower that is lit in blue lights at night making it easy to locate from the sky anywhere around Los Santos any time day or night.

I also Select a race on the main map that is near your destination, by hovering your cursor over it and choosing “Launch Job.” Click “Play” on the first menu to get into the lobby screen, then simply quitprovide some other tricks for you:

  • Grave a helicopter from airport. It is near the the Central Los Santos Medical Centre. so, the roof of the Central Los Santos Medical Centre is a reliable place for grab a chopper.
  • When you are in level 10 you can unlock a parachute missions, it is a great opportunity for you to feel fresh air. You have a parachute sitting on top of the tallest building, just waiting for you to use.
  • When you feel that the helicopters a bit slow, you can always trade up a military jet. Go to the military base and jump into a hunger where keep in military jet.
  • Now, Select a race on the main map that is near your destination, by hovering your cursor over it and choosing “Launch Job.” Click “Play” on the first menu to get into the lobby screen, then simply quit.
  • Try passive mode. to let others know you can’t be shot. Activate it from the interaction menu (hold “Select” on PS3, or “Back” on Xbox 360). When you are in passive mode, you can still be run over or shot while you’re in a car or on a bike.
  • If you need money sell your car to move quick cash. take a lucrative vehicle. Then set a course on map to the nearest mod shop. put it into the garage , then you will get option for sell.
  • To prevent stealing, you would set your option properly. From the interaction menu, you can choose who can open the doors to your vehicle.

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