5 hidden things only Pros found in GTA V


5 Secrets In GTA V That Shocked the world and only pros could find them.

Grand Theft Auto V is packed with all sorts of wonderful secrets.
They ‘re often well-hidden, but only the hardcore fans have discovered them.

Among the most amazing aspects of the Grand Theft Auto series is how vast the maps actually are.
It may be referred to as a sandbox game, but don’t make a mistake, it’s a big sandbox.
And when you’re playing around in such a wide place, there’s expected to be a few secrets tucked around you.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore GTA series fan, you’re almost bound to find some of the mysteries in this list that you’re oblivious of.
We ‘re going to lead you on a trip through the ups and downs of Los Santos, from its rainy clouds to its darkest waters.
Because there’s a mystery waiting to be found where ever you look.


5 – An Alien under the bridge !!

Aliens have always been a fairly large part of the GTA franchise, and there has been some indication of aliens or UFOs in almost every entry.
Almost all of the time, you really have to hunt for these mysteries and Easter eggs, seeking to make them hugely fulfilling for gamers to look for.
This time, the players didn’t have to try too intensely to locate a creature.
In the very first scene of the game, during the prolog, players simply have to drive under the bridge to find an alien clearly retained under the ice.
It seems that the development team of this game was trying to hide one of the greatest secrets in a place where no one would look right at the beginning.


4 – GTA has UFOs !!


Like aliens, UFOs have long been a brand name of the GTA franchise, bursting up in random sites and disturbing gamers over the generations. This remains with GTA V, and there are actually 4 different UFOs to look for.
Yet there’s a trick in there. Three of these UFOs only exist after the player has completed 100% of the level.
The single UFO on the map right from the start isn’t even in the air. Instead, it simply sunk underwater on the north side of the globe.
The other three show up on the Sandy Shores, near Fort Zancudo, and eventually on Mount Chiliad.


3 – A ghost on a mountain !!


Enthusiasts of the GTA franchise know that in these games, stuff can get a little bizarre.
Quite often missions can get dramatic and leave us wondering what the developers were thinking.

During the days of San Andreas, we spent hours grappling with the paranormal in areas such as Area 51, among others.
Although the games have scaled back the oddity aspect a bit in recent years, GTA V is still full of oddities-but only if you care to look.

Veterans of the fifth version will recognize more about the spirit of Mount Gordo, a mythical phenomenon that occurs at 11 p.m.
The ghost had a whole story, and her name was Jolene Cranely-Evans.


2 – Bermuda Triangle in GTA !!


Most folks know about the real-life story of the Bermuda Triangle, very few of us know that there is actually a variant of this in GTA V.
For those who don’t know, the Bermuda Triangle is an area off of the coast of Florida renowned for all kinds of bizarre and inexplicable theories.
Ships have mysteriously disappeared, aircraft have totally vanished, and things usually get a little ridiculous when people approach the Bermuda Triangle.
The GTA version is in Paleto Bay, and many players have started to notice its effects while playing GTA V Online.
Basically, as soon as you enter this area, you are being transported back, without your vehicles. Many items might even be absent from your store.


1 – A GoatMan? Seriously Rockstar?


We also remember that unusual beings have been observed by players in past GTA entries. Paranormal beasts like Bigfoot and others have been identified by gamers, and it’s pretty certain that the developers are putting these creatures in the game for a reason.
While Bigfoot is the creature most gamers are talking about, there’s another one that’s been rising in popularity.
Some fans call him the Goatman, and it’s very scarce seeing him.
Those who glanced at him said he was humanoid in nature, with hairy goat legs and two big horns. It’s also said that he’s wandering around the Catfish View Bridge area.
This is a secret that most players have never looked at.


Now that was all for today, Rockstar fans.

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