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The Last Of with Most Anticipated Games

It is amazing how we all get attached to older releases, calling some games our most favorite titles, we stick to them and praise them to any other human that shares this same love for videogames.

That being said, games still find a way to improve objectively, games have the equivalent pathing as any product in this world. Any previous title released by the same studio will also always serve as a collector of feedback. This feedback would be used to improve future releases.

I am guilty myself of loving particular titles so fondly that it kind of bothers me when the same studio released a game with just better game design. I have learned to love all these games and not to act like its a fighting arena, videogames are self-less.

Video games are for the sake of your entertainment, this entertainment could root from the immense emphasis on artful pieces crafted together, it could be the scores of the game, that tend to very superb.

Or you know, it is always the gameplay and how the player interacts with a game.

All of these add up to give an experience that gamers know and swear by, the magic and power of videogames.

Let us look at the most anticipated games that should come very soon. Hopefully, with the unexpected delays. Yes, I am looking at you CD Projekt Red.

However, It is important to remember that is far better for a game to push its release date rather than releasing an unfinished product.


1. Elden Ring


Elden RIng one of the most anticipated games.


From Software have the notion of a studio that releases games with love. All of their games have a very, very and I mean very loyal fanbase. The Creators The Souls Series, Bloodborne and most recently, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Sekiro would then take the game of the year award for 2019. If you haven’t played that game, they to be frankly honest, this article won’t be that important since you should probably give that game a try. It has revolutionized combat in games to new levels.

Every game now has to step up their game to this new standard.

Oh right. Elden Ring.

It is going to be a collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and G. R. Martin, the author of A Song Of Ice and Fire, that had the hit show based on, Game Of Thrones.

The overflowing love and creativity from Hidetaka Miyazaki combined with the sheer detailing of G.R. Martin would surely produce one of the most remarkable games in gaming history.

As with most From Software games, the game is very mysteriously hidden, even it’s announcement trailer showed practically nothing.

However, look at this.

4 Most Anticipated Games 2020 1


The game is going to be as captivating as any older From Software entry. Adding to this G.R. Martin touches, I say touches because it is Hidetaka Miyazaki that is handling the background story that is present in every souls borne game to date.

These games usually have no much emphasis on the running story, but there are endless hints that are on items you gather in your gameplay or defeated bosses that the story begins to unveil just to find out it has different dimensions and is very concrete.

That being said, G.R. Martin will handle the connections between the characters and cover lots of details, but the main storyline isn’t his.

I for myself, can’t wait for this game to be released, I am sure it will take the game market a storm.

However, it won’t be the only one.


2. Cyberpunk 2077


4 Most Anticipated Games 2020 2

The upcoming juggernaut from CD Projekt Red, set to be released in 2020. We know a bit much more about this game than the others on this list but that doesn’t stop anyone from being excited about this title.

CD Projekt Red and associated with producing only the highest quality games, after their The Witcher 3, the solidified a place in gamer’s hearts and minds as one of the craftiest and most committed studios. We all can agree that it looks like they will deliver again if you haven’t seen their grand gameplay reveal then you can watch it here.

4 Most Anticipated Games 2020 3

However, the game has been getting postponed multiple times so far, it could be because they are planning on releasing only a bugless game that is essentially polished to the core.

Kudos to their grit on that, but gamers are already battling the vast temptations that this year has been for gamers. A lot of good games have been released already.

Not to forget; that the new generation console is releasing at the end of this year.


3. The Last Of Us II

It is the year The Last Of Us will see the light again, everyone has been begging for a second entry to use the countless opportunities the first Last of Us has left us with, and now that the year that’s due its release is here, the hype has lived throughout the wait.

Sony-owned 2018 E3 when they showcased some of the gameplay. It looked phenomenal. Something I have been guilty of rewatching dozen of times.


4 Most Anticipated Games 2020 4


Ellie is here. The whole city, or what’s left of it, is looking for her now. She’s called wolf? It looks like it.

The game isn’t going to go easy for its players, lots of violence and action.

It is very cinematic nonetheless, this is one of the many gems that Sony has been releasing exclusively for their console, it is going to put a lot of people under pressure to pick up a PS4 if they still haven’t.

The game is also going to work on PS5, and everyone is sure it is going to be amazingly epic.


4. Ghost of Tshushima

In E3 2018, Sony didn’t leave us with just their Last of Us II announcement, they also announced new titles, that all should have been in this thread but one that sticked way more in the eyes of the audience was Ghost of Tshushima by SuckerPunch Studios.

These games are the one behind Sly Cooper, what a classic! They are produced the new Infamous: Second Son. Which was quite underwhelming but it did fit a niche that love these kind of games.

Ghost of Tshushima is Japenese-era game, it has struck everyone with the sleek animations and the whole visuality of it’s terrain. Samurai never fall from flavour.

4 Most Anticipated Games 2020 5


We all will need to wait a few more months now, but all gamers know that we’ve actually waited years for this.

Amidst this outbreak, there’s isn’t much to look forward to as the world is hand in hand battling a health crisis.

If you read this but years from now and can’t pick up what I mean, then I am very happy for you.


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