5 Tips to be a better defender in FIFA 20

Wanna learn how to defend better in FIFA 20, You’ve come to the right place.

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Among the most noticeable adjustments gamers will encounter when they pick up FIFA 20 for the first time is just how difficult it is to defend.
EA Sports has made it much more meaningful to defend the manual, as you can no longer depend on the AI to do the dirty work.
As iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson once said, “Attack wins games, defense wins titles.” Here’s how to make sure your team is solid in the back.


1 – Never rely on AI.

In FIFA 19, the defense was a doddle.
You could press and hold X / A (contains) or R1 / RB (Second Man Press) to get one of your players press the opponent on the ball while the rest of your defensive players

are still in good shape.
Now, blindly charging your defensemen is not effective; you must be in charge, cautious and wise with your defensemen.
In reality, you don’t want to incorporate or use the second man press at all, so then you’ll need to know how to jockey (L2 / LT) effectively. More about that later.


2 – Get Your tactics and instructions down.

It ‘s important that you get your strategy accurately in order to achieve whatever advantage you can. Although you can, of course, try and try and see what fits your game style, there are a few basic guidelines for your defense.
Using two CDMs is very useful for testing your backline, and you can make your middlemen more successful in doing so by telling them to close the passing lanes.
Quick moves in FIFA 20 are more tricky, so tackles will be extremely significant; although if you’re really having troubles, you can also instruct your CDMs to drop between your defenders.
It is always advised that you tell your wing-backs to keep back while you attack, As adjustments in pace have provided deadly counter-attack in FIFA 20.

3 – Effective Jocking is key.

the ability to jockey is what defines decent and great players from FIFA 20.
Holding down L2 / LT will force the defenseman to hold his ground, allowing him to either pick out a pass or just block the striker from going forward.
If you hold on to R2 / RT at the same time, your player is fast jockeying.
This makes the defenseman turn around very easily and change course on a whim while always backing away.
Holding all keys helps you to cover a lot of ground, which is really beneficial when you’re hunting for interceptions in the centre.
But if you want to tackle it, you should sprint or fast jockey towards the attacker, and then let go of the sprint when you’re in the range for more precision.


4 – Switch players more smartly.

The ultimate secret to a strong defense is to pick the best player and to be able to switch quickly.
Instead of depending on an automatic switch, consider using the right-stick to manually pick the player you want to control, particularly if you stop the players from sprinting in the back.
But you can still use L1 / LB to move sometimes, particularly if you’re attempting

to block a player quickly.
To help you with this, there is a new setting in the player controls called ‘Relative Ball Right Stick Flipping,’ which will concentrate the auto-switching on players closest to the ball.


5 – Take advantage of hard tackles.

In FIFA 20, you can determine the power of your tackle by holding down the standing tackle button (O / B) or the sliding tackle button (Square / X).
A full force rough tackle will send your player forward lunging, which can be good for closing wide openings, but if you miss it, your defenseman will be totally out of place, making it a dangerous tactic.
Instead, two bars of strength tend to be a perfect spot where you’ll always be solid enough to stop most rebounds, but maintain some consistency and spacing.


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