How to Watch Squid Game online for Free without netflix

Watch squid game for free

Squid game in 2021 has created the next level trend. Everyone is talking about it, playing it and watching it. Unfortunately, the show is only available on paid websites and some of us here who don’t have those streaming platforms are not able to watch it. Luckily, I’ve found two kick-ass websites to watch squid game for free!

You can even download squid game for free with some of these websites.

Warning: These websites might contain a lot of ads, so I would suggest using an ad blocker or a browser with an in-built ad blocker.

#1 – Fmovies

Fmovies is an online streaming website that lets its user watch pirated movies and shows. It has been taken down many times but the websites hosts itself again each time it gets taken down.

This website is great for people who don’t have any paid-online video streaming websites.

Not only that you can watch Squid game for free on Fmovies but also download it.

However, you might have problems with ads, so we would recommend you to use an ad-blocker.

Squid game for free on Fmovies

Steps to follow to watch Squid game on Fmovies

  1. Open the website using this link
  2. Search for Squid Game and click on the first result 
  3. Press play and close any ad that pops up

Now you can easily watch the show.

If you want to change the episode, you can use this tab:

Fmovies episode change tab on Fmovies

Click here for the direct link to the show on Fmovies.

#2 – 123movies

123movies has a layout similar to Fmovies. If you are able to use Fmovies easily then 123movies will not be a big deal. However, the ads might bother you a lot that is why you would need an adblocker.

Squid game on 123movies

Step-by-Step guide for 123movies:

  1. Open the website
  2. Search for “Squid game”
  3. Open the first result
  4. Play the episode of your preference

Click here for the direct link.

That much should be enough for you to watch the show.

Important informationsometimes these website’s domains gets taken down and to counter that, these websites change their domain name. If you happen to stumble upon a taken down websites, try searching for squid game with the websites name on google. It might take you to the newly hosted websites. 

Do not click on random websites since many of them contains virus and can harm your computer.

Happy watching!



Written by harish

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