7 Days to Die – Dummies Using Electricity

Last updated on June 4th, 2021 at 01:06 pm

Hey you? Yes you! Do you know what components and basic stuff you need to generate electricity in this game? If NOT, this article is for you. Lets get started!


Basic Necessities:


  • Wire Tool
  • Workbench
  • Consistent supply of forged iron
  • Crafting Components
  • Generation plant

Advanced Stuff:

Relays take input from one side and you can take output from more than one terminal. But load also matters. It is used to extend the reach of cables.

Wire Management
When you will start, you will see tons of wire hanging around, which is annoying. Wire management tells you how can you sort wires. There are many ways to hide your wire, but adding more relays in your circuit will definitely be burden you with power consumption.

You will be wondering that speakers will be used to attract Zombies? No, Not at all.

Camera Control
Camera controls can only work in the presence of spotlights. They can only be aimed when giving them power. Camera Control will not affect your turret’s aiming degree but it will serve you as a machine gun as you can watch more than you expect.

Switches and Triggers


Switch is like a relay. It will let you manage whether you want to allow electricity to pass from circuit or not.

Timed Relays

This is a special relay which works according to time. If you want to pass electricity within certain time, just set it and activate it. It is the best to save consumption.

Pressure Plates & Tripwire

These are mostly used to activate alarms and traps. Their usage is different. Tripwires are invisible and can be installed behind the doors. But their pair is worst as compared to any other trap.

Motion Sensors

These are advanced triggers and allows you to choose between you, friends, stranger and Zombies. And you can pick multiple too.



Electric Fence Post

It only takes single input and gives the single output. You can make a big circuit by combining multiple electric fence posts. It is given preference because you can separate electric lines from it.


Blade Trap

This is the most powerful in killing zombies. It does not discriminate which zombie is, its main purpose is to kill him. However, depending on its performance, it is expensive to maintain.

Dart Trap

These traps are used in a combo two kill tougher zombies. It usually kill by pointing head-shot. Unlike to Blade trap, It is cheap and easy to deploy.


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