7 Days to Die – Find Traders on Random Gen on Map

7 Days to Die – Find Traders on Random Gen on Map


7 days to die is the survival horde crafting game.This guide will help you to find traders on random gen through map.For playing this game you have to know about it’s map and some technique.

Here is the map for you:


Locate Map Save Files

The first thing you’ll need is to locate the map save files. To do that you will need to know the “Generated World Name” and also where Steam stores your installed games.


In the image above, you can se the generated world name is South Mufape County.

Now, with that info you can locate the map save files. By default, they will be in Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Data/Worlds/[generated world name].

Open that folder and look for a file named prefabs.xml


Find Info in XML File

Open prefabs.xml in a text editor, I have used Notepad++ and search for the phrase “settlement_trader”.


In the image above one of the traders for the map is high lighted.

Next we need to take note of the position data. The first number, is East/West. The second number is elevation and we can ignore that. The third number is North/South.

If the first value is negative, the coordinate is West. Positive is East. For the third value, negative is South, positive is North.

So, for the example in the image above, there should be a trader at 584 East, 192 North.

Locate the Trader in Game

Now that we have the coordinates for a trader, start the game and open the map.

Use the cursor coordinates at the top of the map window to find the coordinates on the map and set a way point.


Now go to that location and, as expected, a trader is there at 192N, 584E!

7 Days to Die - How to Find Traders on Random Gen Map


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