8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022

If you are into PC gaming, a good gaming mouse can work wonders for you. A sensor that constantly tracks with accuracy will help you land your shots on target all the time. Further, you will be able to navigate the gaming world with more ease and speed. 

However, accurate tracking is not the only thing you should expect from your mouse. There is a general perception that gaming mouse cost a lot. However, here you will find the top 8 gaming mouse under $100.

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Very good for video games like FPS. It has amazing performance and can be customized to suit your preferences, but it isn’t the lightest option. On the upside, its click latency is decently low and the mouse feels responsive.


The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a very good gaming mouse that follows the DeathAdder design from previous years. It’s great for right-handed people who are looking for a mouse with amazing performance and setting options. It has a sleek gaming design, without overdoing it, and fits almost every hand size and grip.

 It’s fairly simple and sleek, with the Razer logo on the back. It has RGB lighting on both the logo and on each side of the mouse wheel. It has a slight downward slant on the right side, too.

  • Very good for gaming.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Very well-built design.
  • Almost universal for all hand sizes and grips.
  • Not recommended for smaller hands, unless using a palm grip.
  • Rigid cable.
  • Not suitable for traveling due to wired-only use and size.
8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022 1

Logitech G602

The Logitech G602 is a very good gaming mouse for playing MMO games. Its shape is comfortable for long hours of gaming and it has a lot of side buttons for instant access to your spells and abilities.


The Logitech G602 is a good overall wireless gaming mouse. It connects to its USB receiver to get a very low click latency and has great sensor performance. Fans of high sensitivity might be a bit disappointed by its maximum 2500 CPI, but most people should be fine.

Its body and shape are very comfortable for a palm grip, especially due to its thumb rest. It has a lot of programmable buttons and it can be customized on both Windows and macOS, which is great.

  • Good build quality.

  • Good performance customization.
  • Comfortable design; best suited for palm grip.

  • Bulky and heavy design.

  • Doesn’t have a high maximum CPI.
8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022 2

Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 HERO is a very good gaming mouse for FPS games. It has low click latency, and a wide customizable CPI range, and an adjustable polling rate.


The Logitech G502 HERO is a great wired gaming mouse that feels well-made and has a premium look. It has a ton of programmable buttons, low click latency, and a wide customizable CPI range. Though it’s rather heavy, it comes with five removable weights to allow you to customize the weight to suit your preference.

Unfortunately, it’s a rather large mouse, and people with small hands will likely have a hard time getting a comfortable grip or reaching all the buttons.

  • Very well-built and premium feel.
  • Low click latency and excellent sensor performance.
  • Lots of programmable buttons.
  • Fully compatible with Windows and macOS.
  • Large design may be uncomfortable for people with small hands.
  • Stiff cable.
8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022 3

Corsair Dark Core

The Corsair DARK CORE RGB PRO is good for FPS games. It’s packed with great gaming features such as low click latency, a high polling rate, and a wide CPI range. 


The Corsair DARK CORE RGB PRO is an impressive overall wireless gaming mouse. It features an outstanding sensor that can reach a maximum of 18,000 CPI, and you can adjust the CPI in increments of one. It has low click latency and a really high polling rate.

Unfortunately, its sensor isn’t very consistent. It’s heavy, and it doesn’t offer weight optimization, so it’s not ideal for ultra-light gaming. Fortunately, it’s very comfortable and designed for right-handed people using a palm grip, and it can also be used with a fingertip or claw grip by those with larger hands.

  • Low click latency over a wired or wireless connection.
  • 2000Hz max polling rate.
  • Very comfortable to use with a palm grip.
  • Sensor doesn’t always perform at set CPI.
  • Heavy mouse.
8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022 4

Corsair Nightsword RGB

Very good for MMOs. It offers ten programmable buttons, which isn’t as many as dedicated MMO mice. 


The Corsair Nightsword is a comfortable gaming mouse with RGB lighting and an ergonomic design thanks to its slanted shape with a thumb rest. It offers a few programmable buttons, although it isn’t on par with a dedicated MMO mouse in that regard.

Also, its sensor is quite inconsistent, as it overshoots when moving the mouse fast and undershoots when moving it slowly. The mouse also isn’t recommended for people with small hands, as it’s a bit big. On the upside, it’s very well-built and has great customization options.

  • Very low click latency.
  • Very well-built design.
  • Great for palm and claw grips.
  • Inconsistent sensor.
  • Stiff cable.
8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022 5

Corsair M65 RGB Elite

Great for FPS video games. It has a very low click latency and is decently light when taking out all the available weights. 


The Corsair M65 Elite is a very good gaming mouse that has an excellent build quality thanks to its aluminum frame. Its performance is also outstanding and you can easily customize its CPI settings to better suit your preferences.

It also has a sniper button that switches your CPI to your set value for as long as you hold it, which is very useful. On the upside, it has great ergonomics and fits most people. People with extra-large hands might not feel comfortable using a palm or claw grip, while smaller hands might not have great control over the mouse with a fingertip grip.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Near-universal design for all hand sizes and grips.
  • Stiff cable.
  • Not recommended for small hands with fingertip grip, or extra-large hands with palm or claw grip.
8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022 6

Razer Naga Chroma

While the Razer Naga Epic Chroma is for MMO diehards only, its lighting, performance, and wireless capabilities make it a marvelous mouse.


The Naga Epic Chroma uses the Razer Synapse 2.0 software, which performs as well for this device as it does for other Razer mice. Synapse 2.0 makes it easy to program each of the Naga Epic Chroma’s buttons, as well as link individual profiles to specific games.

The Naga Epic Chroma possesses a staggering 19 buttons: a right button, a left button, a scroll wheel that clicks three ways, two central buttons, and 12 thumb buttons.
Entrusting one digit with 12 buttons may sound like a recipe for disaster, but the buttons are actually quite large and feel distinctive. The buttons also employ mechanical switches, which give a satisfying click when you press them.
  • Great wireless range and functionality

  • Comfortable, MMO-optimized design
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Colorful lighting, ideal for multiple profiles

  • Much more expensive than predecessor

  • Middling performance for non-MMOs
8 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 – 2022 7

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Razer Mamba Wireless is a very good FPS gaming mouse. It’s not too heavy when used without a wire, and has low latency and a wide adjustable CPI range.


The Razer Mamba Wireless is a great wireless gaming mouse that looks identical to the wired Razer Mamba Elite. The Mamba Wireless feels very comfortable and well-built and has a wide adjustable CPI range.

It has low click latency when used wired or wirelessly via its USB receiver, and its built-in rechargeable battery means you don’t need to worry about swapping out AA batteries.

Unfortunately, it lacks the L/R tilt buttons on the mouse wheel that the Mamba Elite has, and it comes with Razer’s older cable which is very stiff and rigid.

  • Very comfortable and well-built.
  • Wide adjustable CPI range.
  • Versatile design.
  • Stiff and rigid cable.


I hope you were able to find the right gaming mouse for under $100 from the above list. All the above mouse have high DPI and many more advanced features. They are sure to enhance your gaming experience that too in a budget. Further, these mouse look super funky and as such, they are going to uplift the appearance of your gaming setup.

And if you want any other recommendations for gaming peripherals go check out our website.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding any of the mice above please leave them in the comment section. 

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