911-Operator (Beginner’s Guide)

This article will discuss about 911-Operator (Beginner’s Guide).

Guide about Units, Maps

I am providing you a list of guides about playing games and maps:

  • At the beginning of your duty, it is recommended to spread your units all around the area.
  • Be attentive while following the map. It is very easy to miss a incident. You can check the incident history by going into the incident registry.
  • If you are facing a problem and need to stop the game, you can slow or stop the game with the help of control device.
  • Unit Lists can be found at the lower left corner.
  • Incident registry is indicated by green, yellow indicate unit menu and Red dart indicate Time panel.
  • Incident report needs proper attention while reading. You must check the number of injured and suspects. Then, think that how can you solve the case.
  • Blue icon will highlight that you need a police to resolve the case; meanwhile, red icon indicates that you need fire department and white-icon indicates that you need medical service respectively. Two or more than two color icons will tell us that you need multiple services at a time.
  • Regularly check the units when they arrived on the scene.
  • When you accidentally click near the icon on the map, it will stop your nearby units and they will not take part in any case.
  • Incident icon will display the units on the scene.
  • Icon will become bold when you select the unit.
  • There must be one active unit on the screen for emergency. You can also use other units for other incidents, but emergency will remain active.
  • Severe injured people and criminals must be shifted to the nearest hospitals or Police stations.


Things to remember while Calling:

Following are the call tips:

  • Always start your conversation with the “When” question.
  • You should ask many questions as you want. The more you are aware, the more you will become good handler.
  • Ask as many question as possible. The more you know, the better you can handle the situation.
  • If a call is empty, listen any background sound during conversation.
  • Do not hesitate to say “NO”, if it is non-emergency call.
  • 911 is actually the line for emergency.
  • Always thoroughly guide the caller. Think twice about his/her security.


  • While campaigning, you can reach to 100 points by Community Policing Medal. Although, it is difficult but you can reach.
  • Always keep smiling. No matter you need bad feedback but you will have to show courtesy.


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