How EA is planing to get FIFA back to being the monster of all games through FIFA 21.

With gameplay having been tested and career mode upgraded, What are the new, supposedly surprising features of FIFA 21.

FIfa 21

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The game modes in FIFA 21is nothing unexpected, The same old Career mode, Ultimate Team, and Volta this time only with slightly incremental changes to the gameplay.

but at this point, that’s pretty much anticipated of a console generation, with essential change only possible to come when FIFA 21 lands on PS5 and Xbox Series X, only then will it be a completely different-looking game over the next few versions. Below, let ‘s look at how it’s obviously going for both gens, with the very first FIFA 21 

gameplay test, as well as details of touch controls and enhanced player behavior. 

This is your 
FIFA 21 feature guide.

FIFA 21 features: gameplay that is put to the test

Mason mount passing the ball
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It’s hard to judge any football game in single weekend, but our first days of testing FIFA 21 gameplay on PS4 showed some promising signs.  
Improvements are subtle but Effective – the most Obvious being center-forward intelligence.
Depending on their awareness rating, the strikers try to remain in line with 
the last defenseman, just to break into the ball as it is passed behind the defense or crossed into the box. 
On the side of Suarez or Lewandowski, it opens up an extra 3-5 opportunities per game, again depending on whether Van Dijk or Sergio Ramos are pulled back.
Other small but significant Notes, in no specific order: 
the goalkeepers are now much stronger in the near post. 
Heading hasn’t been completely reworked, but it isn’t as anxious as in FIFA 20. Central middle ground play is less runny, 
offering touch of more time and space to the ball. 
Defenders’ improved awareness of passing lanes, 
combined with new blocking animations that make proper interventions feel less irrational neatly counterbalances enhanced attack intelligence. 
Overall, it’s promising stuff – but we’ll hold our final judgment until our review in late September.


FIFA 21 features: what to expect on PS5 and Xbox Series X


Mbape kicking a ball

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FIFA 21 is set to release on PS5 and Xbox Series to tie in with the Holiday releases of these consoles, but EA hasn’t really gone into detail on
the nextgen versions. It has confessed, however,
that haptic feedback is major focus: “Sense the influence of shots, passes, catches, kicks, tackles, and hits with immersive haptic controllers. 
new DualSense controller on PlayStation with rich and interactive haptic feedback intensifies 
the gameplay experience and allows you to feel the flow of the game in your hands.
More impressively, the gigantic-publisher also goes on to say that FIFA will 
feature the most “exquisite character behaviors that sports gaming has ever seen.” 
An example is that players adjust their shin pads in the 89th minute, but that’s cosmetic improvement. What we really need from this humanization is greater awareness of the player and the forward runs highlighted above are positive indicator
 – and the end of bizarre decision-making, such as middleman passing the ball straight away when winger is five yards away.

with all these new features on the door, and promising modifications to the gameplay.

Do you think FIFA could really go back to being the monster of all games?

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