Age of Civilizations 2 PC System Requirements

Last updated on March 16th, 2021 at 05:52 pm

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More about Age of Civilizations 2

Age of Civilizations 2 Is a game about conquering the world, a Strategy game!

Altho it doesn’t have any GUI it still is really fun to play if you how to play it, at the starting of the game you will need to learn how to play it by taking the help of its hand-holding tutorial which is quite needed and I am grateful that the game added that feature in the game cause without it, I don’t think I would’ve known a single thing.

Age of civilization 2

At the starting of Age of Civilizations 2 you start with nothing there is nothing you can do nor you can do you need to start up by warming up first you will need to select your target country which you need to affect first then you will have to either start it slow or aggressive you will need to find the best strategy for you, yourselves.

Altho there are many games like this but it is one of its kind which makes it even more fun to play, if you are into fps type games then it’s probably not the game for you nor you will be able to enjoy it in anyways but you can try it, It’s not that bad but as I am an fps shooting game type of gamer I felt like it’s ab okay type of game for me.

Age of Civilizations 2 PC System Requirements 1

The photo above shows the world map in the game, Which looks quite cool, Isn’t it? haha, I felt the same looking at it for the first time, You need to first capture one country and then increase your army and then set up a loadout and start working.

I felt like using the aggressive strategy cause it’s way more efficient and I felt like it’s more useful than staying at the same place and letting the A. I know what are we up to cause playing with ai mind is better than getting caught by it.

There is nothing much to give reviews about this game other than the gameplay itself, It’s unique in itself which is makes it more fun to play if you are into these types of games!

I didn’t like the game that much but pretending like a guy who would like this game I will give a 9/10 rating but I feel like it’s 7/10 so we can say that it’s about 7.5 or 8 in’s rating.

Age of civilization 2


The game is pretty good and worth playing altho it needs a lot of strategies to play it and most likely you will lose a lot in the starting which can be pretty frustrating and not so fun to play like it But after a while, you will get used to it.
Age of civilizations got an 8 rating on our website which is quite respectable and will recommend it to play at least once!

If you ask if its worth downloading the game then we will have to say a big YES cause it’s one of its kind and it’s a lot of fun once you start understanding it, It can be classified as one of the most strategical games ever but there are many other games which are giving competition to it which we will be covering after a short while in this website so stay tuned for that too other than that moving on to the about us section.


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