American Truck Simulator – Money Cheat Console

American Truck Simulator is a single player video game developed and published by Czech company. It’s development started in 2013 and released is 2016 for the general public. It can be played on various operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. This article will discuss about paying your debts by earning money. These include cheats to earn money.

 Money Cheat Console


In beginning you need to unlock the console. This article will work on both ATS and ETS2. Undoubtedly, ETS-2 comprises of more content, having more trucks, enormous map, special transport and much more. Whereas, ATS is simple and you will have fun while playing ATS.

In Game

Let’s Begin, Now!

Go to your game and find the nearest area where you can have some rest. Next open the console by pressing “#” or “~ ” key from keyboard. When the console screen will open, type “g_set_time x”. This code will push the game to the 12:00 am on next day.

After this process you will be tired, so sleep. You will have to rest 3 times and repeat the same above process.

Keep repeating this whole process (2 steps) until you get all the money you need. When you will start earning, it will first pay your debts which you have taken from the bank. When these liabilities will pay off, then your drivers will make a lot of money for you. Remember, more drivers will earn the more money for you.

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