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Last updated on March 20th, 2021 at 10:22 am

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Ever been a fan of tennis? If yes then today’s article and the game is the best suitable for you! 

AO tennis 2 is a game based on the sport known as Tennis which is played worldwide and has a huge fan base all across the world.


Initially released on 9 January 2020, AO tennis 2 is a tennis-sports game released by Big Ant Studios. The game was a banger at the starting and most of the players liked it but as the game stayed on market for few more months some of its biggest flaws started coming making the game a little unworthy to buy and play.

We are going to be talking about both goods and bad about the game and going to be reviewing them and will be giving the game a rating out of 5 stars in the end too so, Stay tuned and keep reading!

Ao tennis 2

The goods

The game has great options for customization for players and you can make a replica of yourself if you try to invest some extra time in character making. This is one of the major and great features of the game, You can make anyone and everyone you wish for all you have to do is invest some time in character making.

The in-game physics of the game works pretty well too, where you have to time your shot to land is perfect wherever you want it to land, You can make powerful shots just by timing it perfectly.

Although timing a shot requires a lot of practice but once you learn it perfectly you are the ultimate champion of the game.

I also liked the way they introduced the game in the starting, the tutorial in the starting lets you go through everything and make you understand how things work making it easier for you to play the game in the future!

The bad

There are not a lot of IRL players in the game! The game has not yet been fully licensed which makes it harder to find IRL players in the game, Which is a huge disappointment for tennis fans all around the world and not many people liked this thing about the game.

The commentatory in-game is also pretty sloppy and not perfectly timid which makes it really hard and sometimes really annoying to play with, I turned the audio down because it was annoying to hear that you made a good shot after you have completed the game.

Ao tennis 2


Overall, AO Tennis 2 is a great game but it still can’t be considered as one of the best because there are some major problems in this game which makes it harder to give this game the position of the top game.

But the game is still worth playing and worth a try because it still got graphics and in-game physics and realism which can make you love the game and is fun when you play it with someone.

I especially liked the career mode of the game which lets you create players’ characteristics and skills on your own from scratch which is fun to play.


The game deserves a solid 6/10 the rating is not that bad but not that good too but it is the best for the game because of the major faults in the game but we will still recommend the game to everyone and tell them to try at least once!

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