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Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 09:05 am

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About apex legend

apex legend

Apex legend is a 60 players battle Royale game which popped up in sky ( skyrocketed ) as soon as it released, It got crazy support from fan and still going, this game is really addictive and fun to play with anyone you want or wish to play.

You can play it in three mode, Solo, Duo or squad.
In solo you have to become the lone-wolf and fight everyone alone this mode is perfect to improve your aim and game sense you should definitely try it if you don’t have any friends to play it.

The second mode duo is for two people to play along it can help you in aim and team coordination, It’s really helpful to make you understand all the callouts and how to give them and how the other person give them you should definitely try it before hoping into squad game if you really want to be become good at squad.

Squads matches are pretty famous and most of the people in the game plays it, It’s a squad that consist of 4 player there are about same number of people in each squad exceptions are if the player in one squad is unable to join or leaves mid game.

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The game have different type of champions which have different and unique special powers that unlocks after a certain amount/period of time in game you can use them to escape/hide or kill an enemy.

There is an in-game voice chat that you can use to communicate with your teammates and I’ll definitely recommend you to use it as it will help your teammate to understand you better and you will  be able to communicate and coordinate better with them.

Apex legend

Bad things about the game

All-though apex legends is one of the best game out there it have some of the worst problems in it, Like the voice chat problem which the devs are not solving and it’s been in game for a long period of time also the maps there are not much choices when it comes to map choice.

Which makes the game boring after a while when you keeps playing but the game is still good if you want to play it for fun!

I also didn’t liked the matchmaking thing in the game, Like I was getting matched with people with higher rank than me and sometimes the pings an issue too the game kind-off glitches mid game and whenever there are a lot of people around you it makes it hard to kill them as it’s so Lag.


To conclude this article I would say that apex legends is a good game but there are some slacking from the developer side which makes the game bad like all the
glitches that I talked about the developers still haven’t solved
Which is kind-off a sad part about the game and that’s why I felt like giving it this rating, also the updates on this game are also slow so on the basis of that I’ll have to give this game an 7/10 based on game-config.com rating

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