Apple disapproved “Fortnite” game from App Store

Apple disapproved Fortnite game from App Store

Apple claimed that Epic is violating the terms & conditions of App store by using its own payment method. After sacking from App store, Epic started protest and announced fight against Apple. They started trend ”#FreeFortnite” and urge gaming fans to stand by them and share this trend as much as they can. Here, it is necessary to tell that only new downloads are not allowed, but those who are already playing will not be affected by this act.


Meanwhile, the same in-payment system was integrated in android version of Fortnite, leading Google to took similar action and removed game from Play store as well. However, this is a good news that Android users can play game by using Epic’s own app launcher, which is widely available on any web browser.

In a statement released by Google, they categorically said that although Fortnite is available for android users, but we can’t allow this game on Play store. Spokesman told that Epic violate the policies and in return we kicked Fortnite from our platform but we will welcome the negotiations and talks with the game management to bring it back to the store. The  CEO gave this news that Fortnite will release the Chapter-2, Season-4 and will be accessible to all existing users.

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