Are controllers available in PUBG Mobile?

It has been distant past when people used to play games on PC. According to research, more than 95% people now prefer smartphone over PC or desktop. After this revolution, game development companies realized to maintain pace with the time and started developing mobile games.  For now, both the trademark games PUBG and CoD are now available in mobile versions.

Apparently, it seems difficult to manage various controllers on mobile screen with merely two thumbs. However, players managed to do this. They always want to score more against enemy while playing game. Unlike CoD, PUBG mobile has not introduced any controller for players. PUBG does not own any plugins or other means which people pretend are the products of PUBG. However, you can play game by using emulator on your desktop. These emulators allow you full customization which you can do by your mouse or keyboard.

Some claimed that there are controllers for PUBG mobile and are available in market. So, this creates an ambiguity that these are not controllers, these are just triggers which allow you to use your 2 fingers more. The controller is the thing in which you do not interact with screen after using it, but in triggers this is not the case. You control game from screen with thumbs.


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