Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Where to Find Poseidon’s Trident.

AC Odyssey Poseidon's trident

The Place Where You Can Find Poseidon’s Spear

The first step in learning how to breathe underwater is to ready the ships.
You ‘re going to try and play through the main storyline before you reach the Adrestia. Now, from here, you ‘re going to want to fly further east.
The punter here, though, is that the area you ‘re sailing into is a high-level area,
which means that you either need to be very stealthy — if you’re going early in the game — or wait until you achieve higher levels.
If you want to unlock the ‘Breath Underwater’ print early on, you’ll need to be stealthy and stay away from all possible battles as you travel east.

Poseidon’s Spear is a historic AC Odyssey spear.
To find Poseidon’s Trident, you must travel to an unmarked and uncharted island in the Northeast of Greece, between the island region of Chios, and the island region of Samos. You’ll see a large statue of Poseidon, and nearby will be the Temple of Poseidon location, which is now only ruins.
There is a legendary chest that retains the Spear of Poseidon.

The legendary chest

The location of the chest on the map


What does Poseidon’s Trident Symbolize?

The trident is associated with the sea-god Poseidon and his Roman counterpart Neptune. … Poseidon, as well as being the god of the sea, was also known as the “Earth Shaker”, believed to cause earthquakes; some commentators have extrapolated that the god would use the trident to cause them, possibly by striking the earth.


Poseidon’s SpearStats


The spear's stats

It has a remarkable bonus that enables you to breathe underwater permanently.
This is incredibly beneficial for the underwater locations needed for the Child of Poseidon Accomplishment.

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