#1 ATLAS – Skill Trees

ATLAS – Skill Trees

Skills in MMO Game Atlas give players a vast skill tree of over 300 different skills Which allows a large number of options to create your ideal machine, some of the skills provide a number of recipes for different structures, weapons, armor and the availability of many other skills such as increasing damage by 20% with brackets and it is a brutal game by design

How to collect resources in the game Atlas?

In this game you must collect a lot of resources and food in order to stay alive in it so you must go to the forest to collect tree products and collect quantities of wood and straw and collect many rocks because it is the main and primary source of the stone, and you can use all of these resources that you collected To produce essentials like clothes, bed, and flame, all this is really necessary!

How can you build your own base in an Atlas game?

To build a rule, you must take the following steps:

Open the building from the survival skills tree at this time the construction tree will become available and you have all the basics of construction and skilled workers through all of this you can build your own base and you must first build a small house with a box and a bed in it and the path will be provided to you and if it is a simple path even To save progress

To survive, you must have food
After opening the level of the basics for the Survivalism skill tre, you will be able to obtain a spear diagram by specifying “tools for trade”. This spear has a primary mission to provide low-level food sources such as cows, and through them you can obtain meat and put it in the inventory for eating.

ATLAS – Survivalism


Construction & Mercantilism




ATLAS – Hand-to-Hand Combat


Melee Weaponry


Archery & Throwing Weapons


















Cooking & Farming


Music & Dance





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