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Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 is an old school themed 5 v 5 FPS shooting game which was developed by Bulkhead Interactive and was published by Square Enix Europes collective.

The game is really great and the developers are still updating the game which makes the game more fun to play especially with your friends and someone you know!

The game mechanics are really great too and pretty in-detailed which makes it more realistic and realism in an game makes it more detailed and details make the game more attractive.

Battalion 1944 PC System Requirements 1

Now about the real talk, Is this game still worth it in 2021?

I’ll say a BIG NO, It’s cause the game is pretty much dead and finding active lobbies are nearly impossible like Every-time you get in a game you either find an extremely dead server or a lobby full of hackers and it’s so bad, I mean who even wants to play against hackers??

The game as they promise gives COD experience is a really big rejection from me cause it’s not at all like cod or those world war 2 type of games, It’s because of the animation that the guns have while shooting most of the time you don’t even know where you are shooting which is sometimes really really really annoying,

Battalion 1944 PC System Requirements 2

All-though the game is still pretty good for competitive it is really trash for casual players which makes it worse for them and easily downgrades the game’s rating but as the developers are still updating the game there is still some hope left for the game but it’s really low that the game will get revived.

Battalion 1944 PC System Requirements 3

Most of the Battalion 1944 meta is based on kar98 and it is quite satisfying when you kill someone with a great flick from the shot that lands from your kar98 to your enemies head killing them in one shot but it is kind-off self centered too because even though you are killing people in one shot from your kar98 or any of sniper, there is a high probability that you will get shot too

And dying from one shot when you are too close to that 5 kill ace is really disappointing and triggering which can make you rage quit and rage quits are not what gamers want except some, We don’t talk about them haha

Battalion 1944 PC System Requirements 4

I mentioned that it is hard to kill people from your ads which is kind-off annoying and worst part of the game but once you get used to it it all seems quite normal and fun and satisfying. The game sometimes feels like it’s based on an aesthetic theme making it kind-off fun to play even though it’s not worth it in 2021 but still you can try it just for fun if you don’t have any other fps shooting games left that are better than this.

The game states that it’s fast paced and ultra fun the statement should be changed now cause of all the dead lobbies that the game starting to have which is really bad now only get a competitive lobby or a dead lobby. This game for new comers is a big no like a really big NO cause only the pro ones play this game and there is a high chance that they won’t even let you play the game and kill you as soon as you spawn or respawn.


To conclude todays article I want to give this game a rating of 4/10 cause of the dead lobby and competitive lobby and this games inability to not let the new comers play peacefully!


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