Beat Saber Review – Is it still worth in 2021?

Beat saber

Beat saber

Ever been a fan of music games but still want some action in it? Well if that’s the case then we got the perfect game for you today. You will like the game and why would you not? The game has won almost all the awards in which it was nominated in!

Sounds crazy, isn’t it? Well, when we heard of it first, we thought the same thing but these are the facts.

If you haven’t guessed the game then let us introduce you to Beat Saber! The game has been in the market for over 3 years now and still the craze of the game hasn’t decreased a bit making it fun to fun.

About Beat Saber

Beat saber

Beat saber is a VR game that is available on Platforms like Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows.
The game has a basic mechanism to work with but the way the editors and the developers worked on it made it look extremely polished.

The game looks beautiful, The use of neon colors makes it even cooler than it is. I liked how there are two sabers you have to use and each saber has its own music block to break and if you miss it, It’s all over.

The basic concept

Beat saber

As soon as you put those VR setups onto yourself and start the game, It becomes a whole different world for you, It’s a futuristic and advanced themed game yet really basic to play.

You are given two sabers, One for your right hand and the other one for your left hand and you have to choose a song that you are going to be playing on, The amount and the way the blocks will work will make the music bot work accordingly to them.

The game gets difficult as the song progress and starts becoming faster and faster and the coolness with it increases too because when you hit a block it makes the sound coming from it booster ending up hyping you up more and more and making it more fun for you.

The obstacles

beat saber

There are many obstacles as you continue the game like one of the obstacles in-game is the colorful neon wall which is usually in red neon color which although looks cool but at the same time if you crash at it, It can make the game over for you.

The other obstacle is a camouflage black box that mostly makes you bow down and let you slide under it because if you won’t do that then you will crash at the block and it will make the end.

So, It isn’t like nothing is stopping you from winning the game. Even though this game is really basic but still it is challenging apparently.

Physical advantages of playing Beat Saber

VR games are known for making you move inside your house to play them but Beat saber takes it to next level, here you have to make use of every part of your body except your legs.

This game can be a really good workout for most people here and even studies have shown that playing or having a good session of this game can help you burn a lot of calories.

Even me myself, When I tried the game and played it for straight 2 hours, I was sweating too much, It felt like I have pulled some 40 kgs of weight and ran over 20 km sarcastic but it is the way I felt.


Beat saber is a really great game and is one of its kind, It’s really unique concept makes it different from other games, and the time and the amount of attention the developers gave to this game can easily be seen by how polished the game is. I couldn’t find mistakes in the game, How hard I try it was really frustrating to find mistakes so on the basis of that, we give this game a solid 9.6/10.

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