The 7 Best Games In Roblox – 2021

“Best Games In Roblox” , lets get to it, but first let me give you a intro about what Roblox is.

What is Roblox?

Well, everyone might know the MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has lots of characters and lots of stories. Similarly, Roblox is an online multiplayer platform with over 32 million daily players. The players are the ones who create games, and the other players play them. You don’t need to spend time just playing games. You can also be a developer and create a game for free with Roblox Studio.

When you play a game, you get placed in a server with many other random players. Many of the games include you having to work with your team(the other random strangers) to win. Or else you can just play the game while also hanging out with others and making new friends.

And also it is completely free to play. All you need is to sign up for free, and you can start playing right away. You don’t even need a very costly gaming setup. Roblox will run even on a Potato PC. There are millions of games in Roblox to play. In this article I will be discussing about the best games in Roblox on the most popular genres – Role Play and Fighting on particular genres.

Best Games in Roblox

Best Games in Roblox for Role Play:

Adopt Meadopt me

Adopt Me is one of the most played game in Roblox. It basically revolves around the user, choosing himself to be either a parent or a kid. Both of them have their own respective objectives, which upon completion reward the use with in game cash. But, by now the complete theme of the game has turned from, taking care of kids, to taking care of Pets! Along with being as a kid or parent, you can buy eggs with in game cash, and you can take care of them with almost the similar objectives, and hatch them, and then level up your pets.

But, being such a popular game has its defects too. Firstly, the pets which are in the game are very valuable. They are actually being traded between players for real money, by some scammers. The average age of the users, is generally for children, which makes it easy for scammers to cheat them. The pets have almost 100$ value in the real life, to trade. This makes the game vulnerable to scammers.

So, if your child is playing this game, make sure to take care of your child’s account. For this, another great feature is that, you can actually report some trades, if you have been scammed, to the developers, which is really useful. This is one of the best games in Roblox, if you are interested in mild and subtle role play.

Find the game here

Brookhaven RP


Brookhaven RP, is a game in which you spawn in a city, filled with wonderful job titles to choose, and wonderful interactive houses to stay in. You can bring your friends over and start a wonderful RP as a family or as some business man or whatever, it is up to your imagination! Or you can join a random server and make your own friends. All, you need is a creative mind.

And also nothing is to be bought with Robux for use, like, there are some things that require Premium, which has to bought with Robux. But you can do many fantastic things even without it. You have multiple cars, to choose and ride in, and also entertainment places like theatres and malls. You will be in a typical city like in real life. You can do whatever pleases you. This is the best game in roblox if you like really big Role Plays.

Find the game here

Livetopia RP


Livetopia is almost the same as Brookhaven RP, but it is a upgraded version by another developer. It is the exact same like Brookhaven, but this looks more animated, more cartoony, but it has more houses than Brookhaven to choose from and more features in homes. The theme of both is exactly same, but this is a revamp. You have a bigger city, and more features for free! You can choose to play any of the game, its your choice.

Find the game here

Best Games In Roblox for Fighting

Anime Fighters Simulator

anime fighters

This game is somewhat typical amongst the others. In this game you actually can play solo. You join a server with strangers, but you don’t need their co-operation to play. Basically, this is about collecting heroes and eliminating enemies. You spawn with a basic hero. You use him to attack some evil guy.

After the evil guy is defeated, you get some coins, with which you can buy stars, which open to give you a random hero every time. It means, you can receive the same hero twice or more. But it doesn’t really matter, because you can fuse all the same type of heroes into a single own with more power. This is basically the plot of the game. So, if you are really into anime and action, then you are in luck, because this is one of the best games in roblox with a combo of the both.

Find the game here



BedWars is basically a game that can be referred to a genre called “Capture the Base”. Basically, this game is about protecting your spawn point being destroyed by the other time, and at the same time fighting them and trying to destroy their spawn point.

You spawn in a base with a iron generator, with which you can buy blocks to build walls, or weapons and armor. You also get a bed, which is the main asset of the game. You need to protect the bed. If the bed is safe, you will keep respawning how many times you die. Once the bed is destroyed, you won’t respawn anymore. If you die, you die. You can play a variety of match types – Duels, Solo, Doubles, 30vs30 and many more.

So, if you interested in fighting with swords and armors, while also having an intense gameplay, this game is for you. It is rated one of the best games in Roblox.

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Arsenal is a very fast – paced FPS game. It contains many weapons and many modes and many maps, and many everything to choose from. There are many weird weapons also, like spell book, and sandwich launcher. You get to fight on either teams of 2 or 4 or Free For All. But something many players find bad is that, you don’t get to use any optics for the guns. All you have to rely on is a little crosshair in the middle of the screen. If you are really interested in fast games this is one of the best game in roblox.

And, as I said, this game is very difficult for beginners, so I have developed some scripts which can be used to hack the game and use ESP and Aimbot.

Find the game here

Phantom Forces

phantom forces

Phantom Forces is another game, like arsenal but it has a more wide range of weapons than Arsenal. It has better physics than Arsenal. You can use optics of your choice . You can buy them. You can choose your weapon from a wide range of categories like Assault, Recon, Support, Sniper, and many more. This is one of the best game in roblox, because it is trending in the FPS section, and also it contains better graphics than any game.

But, even though the game is so good, many players have difficulties playing it. So, I have pasted a link for scripts down below with which you can, hack the game and use ESP and Aimbot.Get the scripts here. Use them and enjoy the game.

Find the game here



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