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Ever thought of how exciting a VR game could be? Ask your kid or a child they will be able to explain it better because for them virtual reality is just reality which they put on for some time and get lost in it, and now it is all up to you what type of world you want to send them into.
So here in this article today we are going to be going through the best game for a VR headset known as Oculus quest 2.
Before, going right into games let’s first go through what this Oculus quest 2 is, and is it ever good?



Oculus quest 2 is by far the most advanced and featureful VR headset out there launched by Oculus for the series of quest 2. It can be termed as ” The best VR headset available right now in the market.
There have been both positive and negative reviews about it from the gaming community.
In this review, We are going to talk a bit more about this VR headset.

Positive points about Oculus quest 2

  • Incredible and Immersive Experience 
  • Built-in hand motion
  • Great design
  • Comfortable weight

Negative points about oculus quest 2

  • Strap problem
  • The extra cost for straps & carrying case
  • Uncomfortable and Awkward shape
  • Still makes you motion sick
  • Requires Facebook login

Now moving onto our main topic of Best games for oculus quest 2 games for kids we have bought the top 3 games and are gonna talk about them in this article.

Beat saber

oculus quest 2 games for kids

Rates as an E which means for everyone not only kids but parents and their whole family can also play it, Beat saber is one of the most trending games out there in which all you have to do is destroy the musical boxes that randomly come up to you on a music beat.

This game is not from one of those sitting games where you have to do nothing but press buttons, This game requires a lot of physical energy because you have to move to slash those musical boxes which are coming your way randomly, sometimes they come at really fast phase and sometimes really slow, So you need to watch out for everything and move according to that.

With the help of Oculus quest 2 which is already one of the most advanced VR setups out there, this game gets to on next level and it’s a whole new experience after that.

Beat saber requires a lot of physical movement and will get you tired in no time which means its a good workout for you too, Even I used to play and I found out that you can play it in order to replace your cardio, It’s cool and I’ll suggest you make it play to your kids.

Fruit Ninja VR

Rates as an E this game is also like Beat saber but in Fruit ninja, your main objective is to slash some fruits, It’s satisfying and you will love to play it.

The graphics and the gameplay are smooth and this game requires a lot of movement which means a lot of physical energy will be used and that means that this game can be a good mode of workout too!

With the help of oculus quest 2, the gameplay becomes more immersive and better, it’s a different experience in this VR setup because there is no lag and the gameplay just becomes smoother and who doesn’t want to play games without interruption?


Moss is an awesome game made for everyone it starts at a peaceful phase and starts to becomes intense afterward which makes the game fun and enjoyable after some time, It is a mindful game and you will need to make strategy at some point of the game.
This game is really good for kids because it will help them not only physically but mentally too by making them decide and the game is based on their decision.
Oculus quest 2 comes in a clutch in this too because of its specifications and everything that it has in it.

This was all about the best Oculus 2 Games for Kids in 2021. Try these games with your kids. Both you and your kids are going to have an awesome time playing these games. If you have any queries or suggestions please leave them in the comments section.


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