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Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is an FPS shooting and storyline game which is developed by irrational games and published by 2k games. This game was released for almost every platform on 2013!
The graphics of this games are really good with the system requirement that it requires, It’s actually really great for them at-least for this time cause everyone nowadays have a really good pc!

The game runs better on mouse and keyboard than consoles(personal opinion) Which is makes it fun to play on Computers.

About the story of Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

The way that the developer wrote the story is just too good, It all starts with a boat on a sea with 3 persons in it where the main character of this game gets some basic material including a pistol, The story keeps on continuing where the real goal was to find and save a lady whose name is Elizabeth, Turns out that this lady has been prisoned for a really really really long time almost her entire life which kind-off a sad part about this game.

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Elizabeth turns out to be had a power to teleport stuff from a certain place to her location ( her current location ) Which helps the main character in later of this game.
The game is really good with the graphics but I felt like that the controls and the gameplay could be a bit better.
Because you can’t carry more than 1 weapon and 2 powers in hotkey which somehow makes it hard or more of a limited controls to have.

This game also doesn’t have many option or choices when it comes to fights which is kind-off about this game too

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At first, Elizabeth thinks of the main character as an enemy so she starts to get a book to beat this guy but after sometime she starts trusting him and they becomes good friends and the thing keeps going and the story ends up in and with their friendship!

One of the most interesting thing I found amazing about this game was the use of grappling gun which the main character is blessed with, Its just so satisfying to see him use it and create ways to move around which you can’t even think off, I expect the same with other games and I think It’s one of the great mechanism that a game should have!

Another thing, That I liked was the tutorial thing, The arrow thing that guides you the way if you are lost somewhere in between the game while doing something or maybe you just forget it, It doesn’t have that big arrow that pops up in between your screen as casual games, except it have an arrow that shows in ground which guides the player and it is also really beautiful just as the rest of the game.

Words from the author

We are not gonna spoil it for you but you have to give this game a try and let us know in the comment section below if you liked this game or not, We will read each and every reviews of yours!


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