BitLife: How To Achieve The Chef Status

Bitlife Chef Status:

Achieving the status of working in a restaurant in BitLife might need some more luck that grit, but it is doable with the right approach.

In Bitlife, the text-based mobile smash-hit game, you work up your way in social, academic, and economical careers. Every occupation has its merits but also has its requirements.

Some jobs will require more time spent in college to obtain a higher intelligence, other careers won’t be very keen on this Intelligence, luckily the cook or chef work line is the latter.

You don’t need to enlist to university if you only want to become a chef.

Instead, you should opt for the community college, which you should anyways unless you want to rob a train, for which we have made a guide you can read here.

But we know you aren’t about fugitive life, and would rather cook hearty meals for customers that come into your soon to be owned restaurant.

We have to bring you to notice that this occupation takes time and luck, arguably little less than being a pilot. Some claim that it would take 3 in-game years to achieve this occupation.

It didn’t take so in our gameplay, but remember that this part is very RNG-based (Random Number Generator), which is in-game luck.

Nonetheless, all you have to do is get the community college buff, now the possible occupation you can apply for has expanded, it is now only a matter of time between you doing your normal work and checking the new work lists displayed.

This is the luck factor, so keep at your normal routine work until one of these comes up; Line Cook, Short Order Cook, or Apprentice Cook. Apprentice Cook is the most decorated of these, once any of these however come up, take them in a heartbeat.

You will be able to get promoted any of these regardless, so your aim should be to get into the circle of the culinary workforce. You can stay in this occupation until you become the executive chef.

Executive Chef is the highest label on you can get in BitLife, it would mean your character is the main cook behind every meal in your restaurant and that would feel Nom.

Don’t ignore working on your normal job until this moment comes. Keep working on the highest paying job you can land.

Good Luck! You can download BitLife on Android here.

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