Bitlife [Guide]: how to become famous and grow social media

Last updated on June 27th, 2022 at 11:59 pm

Bitlife [Guide]: how to become famous and grow social media 1

How to become famous

Taking high profile jobs can help you reaching famous in a short period of time. Acting, porn star, modeling are high profile jobs. Each of these careers requires near-perfect looks and a little bit of luck. So don’t expect to get these kinds of jobs at your first try.

Be remind that, a lot of credit users are saying they got famous even though they have 400 followers or less. That means growing your social media to get famous can not always be the case.

How to grow social media accounts

If you start at a very early age you will have massive followings in Social media. It’s not necessary to start at an early age, but as soon as you open social media it will work for you in bitlife.

Post to social media as frequently as possible. the more post you share the more followers you will get. Just keep posting and posting within a year as much as you can. It also helps if you go on vacation and post to social media.



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