BitLife – Life Simulator: How to be a Superstar and Get the Famous Ribbon

BitLife is a game where you can experience life and make your wildest fantasies come true. If you want to be a brain surgeon or a global celebrity, BitLife is a game for you. But that’s enough about what you can do, let’s get down to the way you’re famous.

Career is Everything


It’s important to remember that if you’re looking for higher education, it will make your life more complicated with stardom. That’s because based on the school you’re attending, it’s going to impact the occupations show on the work page. So if you go to medical school, it’s unlikely that a plausible job will come to be famous.

What Careers Can I Choose?

So there are a number of careers that you can take to achieve global stardom. The most critical thing to remember is that this work has to be in the public domain, whether it’s an actress or an exotic dancer, it needs to be accompanied by a broad social media network.


The more popular the work, the better it is to have a major fan base. But being an actress is going to get you a bigger follow-up faster than if you were just a regular male stripper. That doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to run up a huge enough follow-up, it makes your life a little tougher.

Here are only a couple of the career choices in the list:

  • Actor
  • Porn Star
  • Pop Star
  • DJ

How do I Grow my Fan Base?


To broaden your already growing fan base, post on social media as soon as you can. You may take it to the limit and share it hundreds of times a year, but I suggest that 10 or so of you do the trick.

It’s almost too late to gain mainstream success, and it’s almost going to happen overnight. All you need to do is work on getting more followers and posting a lot to social media. You can do this at any age past your teens and you can make a good start by being popular in high school. Just remember to set up a social media account as soon as possible and post as much as you can.


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