BitLife – Life Simulator: How To Win The Lottery

BitLife – The Life App is storming the virtual planet. It’s the top of the App Store rankings, and it’s no joke. It combines the hard reality of life with the freedom to do anything you want – good or evil – and it’s a pleasure.

One factor that makes it a little smoother for the character is to have a decent amount of cash to hand. One way to quickly raise funds is to win the BitLife Lottery.

What is perplexing is how precisely you can make it lucky and win. Yeah, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no easy way to win the jackpot. There are no hacks or bugs to conquer as they are, but there is some good news.

It’s why winning the BitLife lottery – the Life Game is much simpler – and more probable – than in actual life. You just need to be patient. We’ve found ourselves getting lucky every three or four years, and for certain players, they’ve won a jackpot several times with a single game.

So keep buying tickets — a big batch suits well, and ten a year — and cross your fingers (and toes while you’re at it). You’ll finally win the BitLife Lottery, believe us.

Don’t worry, however, if you were looking for a fast answer to the BitLife Lottery by reading this. There are a few ways to make money (fairly) quickly in BitLife – a Life Game that doesn’t require random number drawing. Here are the best ways you can do this:

BitLife Lottery

  • Study hard Make sure you have the option to study hard every year you’re in school. This would improve the odds of receiving a scholarship and not being saddled with student loans. It would also encourage you to get to a better university, and hopefully, you will be able to get a better career.
  • Don’t drop out. You might get a job and refuse college, but we’d recommend resisting that strategy. The employment you can do without a college or university degree – such as the military – only hit a certain overall pay standard, and they’re not big.
  • Emigration doesn’t sound bad, but getting a job in another country can be difficult – and you can end up with your finances suffering a severe blast. It’s better to skip all the pain unless you’re fully armed.

bitlife stats

  • Casino Time The new update to BitLife – the Life Simulator helps you to reach a casino – which is worth a try. Here you’re going to be able to play Blackjack, which is shockingly easy to win if you keep playing it safe and steady. Only don’t twist until you hit 16 or more and call for another card if the cards are below 16.
  • Medic! Look for jobs that are going to end up paying well. You know, boring things like a doctor, a judge, a politician. Don’t be a writer’s guide to sports. Trust us, man.
  • Parental Advice Your parent / s in the game won’t help you raise a lot of money. But they’re going to support you on your way, so ask them for cash while you’re growing up and help you go to the cinema and the gym. These practices can help improve your confidence and will have a positive long-term impact on finding a career and doing better at school.
  • Buy and sell Property Management is a nice way to get money from the BitLife – Life Simulator, and if you sell your properties every year, you’ll end up racking up respectable income. So keep up on what you own, as being a tycoon in the game isn’t as hard as you might imagine.

You should try to win big on the BitLife Lottery by installing BitLife – now the Life Simulator – from both the App Store and Google Play.

If you’re looking for something else, check out our full BitLife guide. It includes links to all of our other articles, where we’ve discussed nearly every part of this amazing game.

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