Bitlife Prison Escape 2021 Guide with Maps

Bitlife is text-based real-life simulation game where the players will take decisions in their life. And based on their decisions they will face the consequences. It was published by Candywriter LLC and both Android and IOS platforms.

In this guide, we have included some of the latest maps that will help you to escape the prison in bitlife.

P.S: The maps change most of the time. So be advised to come back and find the latest patch or versions.

Bitlife Prison Escape Guide:

The secret of escaping bitlife is very simple. You need to move in such a way where the guard can’t make the move and come in your path. The whole map is constructed in a vertical and horizontal way. At the end of the path you will be able to exit the map. During your path the police or guard will block your way and capture you. So every move you make he is going to make a move also. The key is to trap him in a predefined move or avoid him in your path.

Maximum Prison Security Layout

1. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8

2. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8

3. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8

4. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8

 5. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8

 6. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8

7. Bitlife prison map 8×8

8. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8

9. Bitlife Prison Map 8×8


Do want the image version ? Click here: Bitlife Prison escape maps image version


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