BitLife: How To Rob A Train Successfully Guide

Robbing Trains In Bitlife:

Now we are all about the fugitive life, and specifically robbing trains.

If you can’t see this option yet in your activities listing, then it would be because you aren’t 18 years old yet, and that does make sense.

Before going further remember that if you don’t do this properly or any other criminal act, you would end up in the prison mini-game, which we have also made a guide about here.

Criminal acts are a recent addition in BitLife and it is rocking hard! Now you can choose from Bank Robbery, shoplifting and countless others. No Murder tho, not yet.

Train robbery nets you a huge income but everyone has been trying to do it successfully with frankly, no success.

The once trick you need to know to render all your theft processes successfully in regards to train theft is, syncing the time you choose you to steal the train at the same time in-game.


The game won’t reward you with hefty amounts of income just like that, you will need to only choose the time carefully, and in this instance, it is when its daylight both in-game and in real life, depending on your location. It can be at day or night but only needs to be like real-life situations.

and that’s it!

Download BitLife on Android here.

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