Borderlands 2 – All Vault Symbol and Guidelines

Borderlands 2 – All Vault Symbol Location and Guidelines

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is an one men shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K games. It is the second game in the Borderlands series. This game was released for Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and OS X on  September 18, 2012. It was also ported to the PlayStation Vita on May 13, 2014, and released for Linux on September 30, 2014.

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Like the Previous series, Borderlands 2 features four playable characters: Axton the Commando, Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker, and Zer0 the Assassin. Only two new Characters are added to Borderlands 2. those are Gaige the Mechromancer and Krieg the Psycho.

Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 2

Different Types of Vault Symbol

Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 3

The Backburner – 2

Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 4

Vault Symbol #1

At the beginning of the area, in a yellow structure on the water.

Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 5

Vault Symbol #2

Closer to Brick’s house in the HQ.

Dahl Abandon – 5

Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 6

Vault Symbol #1

In a corner of the huge ramp at the south.

Vault Symbol #2

On the small town west of the map, find a ledge on the map’s wall, the symbol is at the end of this ledge.

Vault Symbol #3

On the area at the north where you find Mordecai’s post, behind a collapsed container, right at the entrance of this area.

Vault Symbol #4

Just above the previous symbol, find a drawing on the wall and jump to the ledge to your left, follow the path to find the symbol.

Vault Symbol #5

On the Mine 191 area. To access this area you must activate the Claptocurrency mission given by Claptrap on Dahl Abandon. 1st picture shows Claptrap’s location (progress on the main story missions until he becomes available). 2nd picture shows Vault Symbol’s location.

The Burrows – 2

Vault Symbol #1

At the beginning of the area, on a ledge at the map’s south wall.

Vault Symbol #2

Near the end of the area, on the ceiling of a structure closer to one of the generators you have to destroy.

Helios Fallen – 6


Vault Symbol #1

At the beginning of the area, take the ramp near the volleyball’s net and then to your right. The symbols is on the floor.

Vault Symbol #2

On the area with the elevator. This one is on an high structure you can’t reach “normally” and requires very tricky and precise jumps. It’s better if you can watch the video as it’s hard to explain with text, but I’ll do my best. Near the location on the map there’s two yellow boxes in a corner (3rd image) jump over them until you reach the ledge on the wall just above the boxes, from that ledge jump to the other next to it and then jump to the scaffolding right in from of it. This jump has to be very precise as your character has to get “stuck” on the scaffolding, then move slowly to your left and jump from the scaffolding to the area where the symbol is located.

Vault Symbol #3

Below a ramp near the red Claptrap in the display case.

Vault Symbol #4

Closer to a save point and vending machines.

Vault Symbol #5

At the top of a yellow structure on the corner of the area. Jump to the nearest pole and then jump to the structure to find this Vault Symbol.

Vault Symbol #6

In the Control Room, in some boxes behind the one-way-only Fast Travel Station.

Mt. Scarab Research Center – 3

Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 7

Vault Symbol #1

Near the start of the area, go down the stairs. The symbol is behind some boxes.

Vault Symbol #2

In the prison cells area, go up the ladder. You’ll find the symbol on one of the cell’s bunks.

Vault Symbol #3

In the lab. Behind one of the bunks.

Writhing Deep – 3

Vault Symbol #1

Up in the office, behind the elevator.

Vault Symbol #2

High above in the wall just outside the office. To reach it, start the battle with Haderax The Invincible a use the nearby geyser to propel yourself up there.

Vault Symbol #3

High above in the wall just above the area entrance. Just like the previous Symbol, use the nearby geyser to propel yourself up there.

Here are shift codes for skins and heads.
Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 8


  • CBCJ3-W5TT9-S65K3-BJJ3B-XHWWC  -Maya Her Violent Nature skin
  • CTKJ3-9CBJS-9R5WT-JBJ3T-WKXKF – Zero Pandora Chainmail Massacre skin
  • KTK3J-FR3JS-ZX55B-B3BJ3-HSRB6 Axton – Natural Twenty skin
  • 535BB-3R3BZ-HF5K3-JJB33-3BF3J Gaige – Summoner Sickness Skin
  • CBKJ3-5FT39-ZRCCT-JTJB3-RFJ5B Krieg – My Fantasies Involve Blood skin
  • 5T53B-6K9KT-Z5B65-BTJJ3-655CZ – Loverpalooza skins and a gun
  • 5JWT3-3H5FB-SCBX5-TJ3JB-H5R6X – Luck of the Zafords skins with SMG
  • WTCBJ-FTCXF-5TXCT-3TJ33-TZXW6 – Krieg Loverpalooza skin

For more shift codes

SHiFT codes for Borderlands 2 that work in 2020


  • KTC3T-WTW5F-ZCHB3-BT3B3-XJ9WR – Maya Elven Eliminator head
  • CT5BB-XTW5X-9CSBT-3BTTJ-FT5X5 – Zer0 G0ry Gh0ul head
  • WBCJJ-33KWR-S5Z33-BJTTB-65WJJ – Salvador The Beast Within head
  • CBKBJ-6ZJW6-HKH3T-B3T33-F5ZRS – Gaige Wayfarer Wizard head
  • KJKJT-WHBKX-HC9BT-TJBJ3-XJFSJ – Axton Warrior of Light head
  • CBKBB-ZHJC6-SWHJT-JJ3BB-3CXHS – Krieg My Ears Are Ringing head


5 Keys

  • 535T3-JR6ZH-6B3J3-3TJT3-T9JBK
  • K35TJ-6399H-XTBBT-33TJB-ZZ3BX

20-25 Keys


More Keys


Here Is some Achievement guideline

Borderlands 2 - All Vault Symbol and Guidelines 9

Full achievement guide for Borderlands 2

3 or Bust

Complete the mission “Paradise Found”.



Anyway, Here’s “Firewall”

Activate the Backburner’s firewall.


Chocolate Chip Confirmed

Allow Tiny Tina to arm the moonshot cannon.

This achievement is missable! You have to collect parts for a missile during the quest “Shooting The Moon”. When you finished the missile you get the option to arm it yourself or you can let Tiny Tina arm it. If you arm it yourself, you’ll miss this achievement!


Defeat the Dark Web.

This achievement is missable! While doing the mission “Claptocurrency”, offered by Claptrap, you`ll come to “The Veiny Shaft”. There you`ll encounter some spiderants and one of them is named “Dark Web”. Kill it and get the achievement. Otherwise you`ll miss it!


Painbow Connection

Equip effervescent-quality gear in all slots (except class mod).

This one is a grinding-achievement. As mentioned in the description, you need to equip in all slots effervescent-quality gear. So happy killing!


  • Toothpick (Assault Rifle): The best way to get this gun is by doing the side quest called ‘The Hunt is Vaughn’ which is given by Vaughn (this is the second quest given by him). This will take you to The Burrows where you have to kill worms. Simply keep killing them (don’t pick up the trophies), and this will eventually drop.
  • Infection Cleaner (SMG): This has a chance to drop in the Mt. Scarab Research Center off of the enemies known as New Pandora Infectiologist. It has a low drop rate.
  • Peak Opener (Torgue Assault Rifle): has a chance to drop from the Haderax chests.
  • Nirvana (SMG): has chance to drop during the mission called ‘Spore Chore’.


  • Retainer: chance to drop during the mission called ‘The Hunt is Vaughn’.
  • Easy Mode: 100% drop rate after defetaing Haderax, the raid boss. It can be found in the chests.


  • Mouthwash: this can’t be missed. This is given to you by Lilith as a quest reward at the end of the DLC, when you return to The Backburner after defeating Hector.
  • Hard Carry: has a chance to be in the chests after defeating Haderax.


  • The Electric Chair: has a chance drop from a story-related boss, Uranus. Uranus can be found in Helios Fallen.
  • Antifection: has a chance to drop from a story-related boss, Cassius Leclemaine. His location: Mt. Scarab Research Center.


Spicy Boy

Defeat Haderax the Invincible.

This achievement is side-mission related. For this achievement you have to defeat Haderax the Invincible. Haderax becomes available after you completed the main storyline. The quest is given by Sir Hammerlock, who is standing next to Moxxis little Bar.


You have to pay 20 Eridium to fight him. His level:

  • Normal Mode: level 40
  • True Vault Hunte Mode: level 60
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode: level 75
  • His ability: fast, he can regen his HP.

He will regain his health when he is under the ground. Get him quick so he stops regaining health again. For me the achievement unlocked after I defetead him, but other players reported on forums that they got it when they turned in at Sir Hammerlock.

Loot: after defetaing this boss, you will get 4 chests. In the loot there should be around 1-3 rainbow items.

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