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Brawlhalla is a 2D fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games and available in all platforms. This article will guide about the use of cross and what wonders can you do while playing cross during the game. It is a guide about tips and combos which we use and execute properly. Melee can be used on legends such as Caspian, Wu Shang, Mordex and Val etc. You can only move special combos by using cross.

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Melee + Special Combos

    • The most used combo is side milee attack but once you used it, wait for them to spread in the air and act in their normal special.
    • Down Melee slam and using lef & right also works, But it is hard to do this. The reason is many players dodge.
    • If there is a Pacifist play-styled player fighting against you, try to grab them by using his down special. Once they get into the air, jump up to get them. this is also hard move due to dodging.
    • At the end, never spam with his special side. Undoubtedly, it will give you benefit but it will annoy the enemy.

Gun Melee + Special Combos

    • If multiple layered platforms are on the map, try to use his normal special. It will take them up in the air, then you may jump and doing a special note. This also works well with the Pacifist players.
    • Gun moves can be readable after a bit, so, do not use this trick.
    • To make flying your opponent, use his side special. Once they get into the air, use your special attacks and never use guns.
    • If you use his down special, try to use his side special speedy to get them off the edge. If they try to to get back, jump above them and use a down special.


Use cross moves, try mixing it up to learn new combos and play styles. Cross is mainly for aggressive players. Don’t hold back after using cross, you will feel that you are not doing good while using cross but do not give up. This also goes any legend in the in-game. It also reflects in your real life,so, never hold back.

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