How to Break Bedrock in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Break Bedrock in Minecraft?

break bedrock in minecraft

The bedrock bricks haven’t changed yet, whether it’s the brand-new Minecraft 1.18 update or the very first Minecraft build. At the base of our Minecraft worlds are the strongest in-game bricks. Even the whole roof of the Nether realm is made of bedrock. With that, the issue of how to break Bedrock in versions of Minecraft after 1.18.1 arises. TNT and other in-game tools have no impact on it. Because of this, the community depends on bugs to function. So let’s get to work learning how to exploit Bedrock in Minecraft 1.18.

Complete Guide

How to Break Bedrock in Minecraft?

Making Ready for Bedrock Breaking in Minecraft 1.18.

This seems to be the sole approach in Minecraft 1.18.1 as of December 2021. If your time is right, it works flawlessly on the Java edition of Minecraft 1.18.1, which we have personally tested. Let’s first take a look at the list of materials we’ll need for this approach before going on to the procedure itself. There are many ways to accomplish this, but our approach was motivated by Mysticat’s YouTube channel.


What Am I Going to Need to Break Rock?

In version 1.18 of Minecraft, you require the following materials to break bedrock:

1 block of obsidian
Any Other Block that Looks Like Cobbles
Pistons, two
1 Lever
a single wood trapdoor
These products might be unfamiliar to you if you have never utilized Redstone-based recipes. However, obtaining them is still rather simple. A diamond pickaxe may be used to mine obsidian blocks in any region where lava and water sources are converging. Even buckets filled with lava and water may be used to create obsidian blocks. Let’s briefly go through the crafting recipes for the others.


Setup for the Technique: How to Break Bedrock in Minecraft 1.18.2 Using a Piston

Now that you have everything you need, all you have to do is go to the bedrock layer to start. Let’s examine how to achieve it now:

1. Place a piston on top of a Bedrock block of your choice. Verify that the piston is pointing straight up and not in any other manner. In order to position the piston with an upwards face, jump while doing so.

break bedrock in minecraft

2. After that, set an obsidian block on each of its sides and a TNT block on top of the piston’s face.

break bedrock in minecraft

3. After that, set any additional block on top of the obsidian block. For this lesson, cobblestones will be used. After it has been set up, lay a TNT block on top of it.

break bedrock in minecraft

Place the trap door on the top half of the obsidian block to finish it off. After that, affix the lever to the block that is positioned above the obsidian block. As can be seen in the screenshot below, our setup is now ready for use.

break bedrock in minecraft




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