How to Breed Bees in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Breed Bees in Minecraft?

breed bees in minecraft

Bees have been added to Minecraft at last! These humming joys will reliably and naturally pollinate nearby flowers and crops. They visit all kinds of flowers, much like in the real world, to cross-pollinate everything in their area. They have complete freedom to enter and leave the nest.


In games like Minecraft, keeping a pet bee may be fantastic since they’re not just adorable and entertaining to watch; they’re also helpful. In Minecraft, simply having a Bee Nest nearby might result in a variety of interactions between bees and your plants. Through pollination, bees will help your wheat and other plants develop even more quickly than they would otherwise.


Complete Guide

How to Breed Bees in Minecraft?


When compared to other mobs, breeding bees is a relatively simple process because all you need to do is hold any flower in your hand and they will follow. In order to breed bees, the first step is to locate them. Try to locate them in groups of at least two, and then feed them with flowers so that the mating process can begin and a new baby bee can be born.

breed bees in minecraft

Now you might be wondering, “Where can I discover the bees with the best chance of survival?” Because they typically appear in plains or floral biomes with lots of trees, you should keep an eye out for them there.

The bee’s nest, or beehive as you may refer to these blocks as their house where they mostly live and fill them with honey, is another approach to locating bees. The bee nest and beehive vary in that the former is a naturally occurring block while the latter may be constructed in the video game Minecraft.

breed bees in minecraft

Bee applications in Minecraft

Bees often consume flowers before storing the honey within beehives, which you can subsequently harvest once they are full.
One empty glass bottle may be filled with honey to satisfy your appetite, and three pieces of sugar will be provided by one bottle of honey.


Use bees to fertilize the crops

Bone meal is one of the most popular methods for accelerating crop development, but bees may also be used to achieve the same results. All you have to do is construct a beehive nearby and then draw bees to that location by providing flowers. Following that, you must construct any farm using the seeds of your choice. Bees will therefore gather pollen from the flowers first, and then you should be able to see some spots on their back like in the example below:


breed bees in minecraft

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