How to Brew Minecraft Potions? Easy Guide

How to Brew Minecraft Potions?


Complete Guide to Brew Minecraft Potions

Gather the necessary items

The difficult thing is this! You require a few items that are exclusive to the Nether.

Visit the Nether

To enter the Nether, you must construct a Nether Portal. Be cautious if this is your first visit there. You will require sturdy armor, a bow, and an abundance of arrows. Better still if your armor has an enchantment for fire resistance.


Look for a Nether Fortress

Look for a Nether Fortress, which is a structure composed of Nether Bricks.

brew minecraft potions

A castle in the underworld; beware of the mysterious Nether Bricks.

Purchase some Nether Wart

Find some Nether Wart by exploring the stronghold; it will be growing in Souls and at the base of a stairway.

brew minecraft potions

Gather all the Nether Wart, and while you’re doing it, dig out the Soul Sand. On your walk back to your Portal, pick up more Soul Sand if you see any.


Obtain Blaze Rods

Kill any Blazes you come across and gather at least one Blaze Rod.

Be cautious; blazes are a challenging foe that is best taken out with arrows from a distance.

Blazes may be found hanging out everywhere in a Nether Fortress, but occasionally you will come across chambers that contain a Blaze Spawner; avoid getting too close to these.

Return to your Portal now, and prepare to brew!

Establish your brewery

Inferior Wart Farm

Put some Nether Wart on the Souls and you brought back and then put it. Your Nether Wart Farm is here. Nearly all of the practical potions have a nether wart as a component.

Develop a Brewing Stand

brew minecraft potions

Use some cobblestones and your blaze rod.

Put your brewing stand in place. You’ll also need a well, a chest, and a workbench nearby.


supply of water, a brewing station, and storage.

Glass, Nether Wart, and potion ingredients (read the instructions to see what you’ll need) are all necessary before you can begin brewing.

Formulating Potions
Make water bottles ready
Glass bottles should be made:

brew minecraft potions


The water bottles do not stack; they will appear somewhere in your inventory, so make sure you have some empty spaces first. Fill three bottles with water by right-clicking on your well.

Refill the Brewing Stand

Your brewing stand will launch the brewing interface when you right-click on it.

brew minecraft potions

Fill the bottom three places with water bottles.

brew minecraft potions

Include the first component

Nether Wart is nearly often the first component. Put it in the top opening. For the brewing process to be powered, you will also need to add some Blaze Powder. Brewing will begin after you have inserted both of them.

brew minecraft potions

Your water bottles will have been transformed into potions after the brewing process is finished (it takes 20 seconds). This elixir, which goes by the name of Awkward Potion, is useless on its own. A second element is required.

Include the second component

It’s time to incorporate a second component. What sort of potion you are producing will depend on this component. Use sugar to make a potion of swiftness, blaze powder to make a potion of strength, or go through the other recipes below. Glistering Melon will give you a potion of health.

brew minecraft potions

You will have three potions that you can utilize after this stage is accomplished.

Supplementary Ingredients

To produce a potent potion or a splash potion that may be hurled at allies or foes, more ingredients can be added.





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