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About Broken age

Broken age

Broken age is a point and adventure game that was made 7 year ago by Double fine it was also published by the same company.
This game all-though looks really simple and beautiful, it have many deep meaning and references related to lonely-ness that hits different at many places.

The game was supposed to be made like that and it turns out to be one of those perfectly created games that we all talk about, It have funny things, reality, shook and twist in it.

Broken age is really well made and everything looks so beautiful in it which makes it even more fun to play, every scene looks like a perfect background material for your pc or mobile or any device!

You can keep on looking at the game and still won’t get tired of it, it’s graphics are way too soothing and satisfying for our eyes, It feels like the game was made and blessed by the power of heaven’s calmness.

Even the music in the background is calming that if you separate it from the game, You can listen to it while meditating all-though it’s controls are not that good which made me angry and frustrated at points which made me hate the game a bit but the other factor of the game fulfills the place.

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The sound is great too and voice accting done by the voice actor was great too, The character in game are well devloped and the animation is cool too!
The character feels like it’s perfectly well made and correct fit for this game the background in every act is great too and soo soothing for your eyes.
This game is in-fact feels like it is made to relax you and feel you uptight in ever part and scene

The reference to loneliness made me realize how it is to live as a matured person and how humans need to be socialized in order to keep going and be active and healthy, This game made me frustrated, sad and happy at the same time.

all though, Broken age looks simple and all but it isn’t really that simple it have a great and deep meaning in it and that’s the whole point of this game.

The sound itself is really great and one of the major key of the game, The voice over it have is also good and also voice acting of the voice actor was really cool, great and calming. It itself is really good and make the game turn out even more good!


The game is overall really good and great which I liked about the game and we would rate it a solid 8/10 which is pretty good but they still not to keep up and make it good by updating the game, They can probably add more acts which will help us to play it for longer period of time cause I think only 2 acts makes the game short and easy to finish.


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