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Top Brookhaven secrets for Roblox

brookhaven roblox secret

Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 09:22 pm


Brookhaven  is a Roblox role-play game in which we can live any type of life with various choices of houses and vehicles.

Welcome to this guide for Brookhaven Roblox Secrets. You will find almost all the easter eggs of the game in this page.

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 1 – Auto Shop

Enter the Auto Shop, pass by the counter into the room, and click on the mop set you find on your   right.

Click on this mop

You will notice a door open behind it, enter it and get down the ladder. You will arrive at a secret criminal base look like this.

The secret criminal base under Auto-Shop

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 2 – Cleaners

Go to the cleaners, and go into the building through this small passage behind the counter.

Enter through this passage

After entering it, find a room on the left side, and enter it. Look up at the ceiling light and click it. You will notice a trap door opening right in front of you. Enter it, and you will find it like this.

There are some boxes of weapons, two server boxes, and a box labelled “Computer” and a hacking PC, which will give some interesting visuals, when you use it.

The secret criminal base under the Cleaners

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 3 – Secret Agency Bunker 1

Enter the hospital and look for this small hole in the ceiling above the counter

Grab a ladder, and enter this.

After entering you will be inside a secret Agency office. There is also another entrance to this area, through the outside.

You can also enter through here

After entering through either of the entrances, you will come here.

It looks like a spooky place used by the government for some off-the-record experiments.

The secret Agency bunker

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 4 – Brookhaven Cemetery

Enter the cemetery, and find the third gravestone from the left, by the tree, and run towards it, and you will fall through the grave.

A coffin

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 5 – Abandoned House

Drive towards the airport and go past it, and you will find this house, between two trees

The abandoned house

Now enter this house, and you will find a code like the one given below. The code changes randomly for every server.

Secret Code

Now, got to the theater, and enter the code, on the film reel. A special movie will start playing on screen. Even though the code changes for every player, the movie remains the same. Enjoy!

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 6 – Greek House

Select this house

There is a secret hiding place in the library where you can hide and spy on others. Watch the video.


Now, for the next secret, go into the library downstairs, and check the third shelf from left, and you will find this small button to click on.

Click on this button

After you click on this button, you will notice a shelf moving to the right, giving way to another passage leading underground, where you will find this citadel.

A secret citadel

It contains a book and some far away chairs, maybe it was used once for some rituals.

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 7 – Dark Scary House

Choose this house, and wait a few seconds for it to build.

This Dark Scary House

Enter the bathroom of the master bedroom, and walk into the wall on right side of the shower.

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 8 – Secret Agency Bunker 2

Go to the Rotten Robbie’s Gas station, and walk into the mountain right beside it, and a small door will open in the wall.

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 9 – Breaking into a house

You can literally break into anyone’s homes right through the front door with a sleeping bag. Watch the video. It works 100%

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 10 – Secret Weapons Bunker

Choose this bunker house first.

Choose this house.

Now, enter the house, and go to the TV. Look for a yellow button behind the TV. Press it, you will notice a trap door open under your legs. Go down it and you will find yourself in a bunker with some cash, weapons and explosives, more like an arsenal.

A secret bunker

Brookhaven Roblox Secret 11 – Secret Agency Bunker 3

This secret agency bunker can be little hard to find, and this place doesn’t make any sense, because it doesn’t contain anything special.


Now, the above are all the best Brookhaven Roblox Secrets. There is a house in premium (you can buy with robux) which has many secrets.

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Thank you for reading my article.

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