5 Best budget Steering Wheel Under $300

Last updated on September 15th, 2022 at 09:17 am

You can’t call yourself a true game lover if you don’t have the urge to play a racing game in full swing. A complete budget steering wheel setup is something every gamer will fall in love with. You don’t want to break a bank but still want a promising quality wheel to get a premium gaming experience. We are all set to mention some budget steering wheels under $300. 

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budget steering wheel $300

Our Top Picks of Budget Steering Wheel under $300

1: Logitech Dual Motor Budget Steering Wheel


5 Best budget Steering Wheel Under $300 1

Connectivity: USB

Rotation: 180 Degrees

Feedback Type: Force Feedback

Compatibility: PS5, PS4, PS3

Want to get a real racing experience while playing your Forza Horizon 5? Don’t get overwhelmed with a lot of wheel options, all you need is a Logitech G-Dual Racing Wheel. You’ll fall in love with smooth and quiet helical gearing that will give you a real driving experience. 

Unlike cheaply made steering systems, this Logitech Dual Motor offers a hand-stitched leather wheel grip, console buttons, an on-wheel D-pad, and LED indicator lights as well. 

  • Better handling
  • Extra buttons
  • Leather-wrapped steering
  • Clutch, brake, accelerator, and gearing system available
  • Stainless steel shifters
  • small wheel rim

2: PXN PC Budget Steering Wheel USB Sim



5 Best budget Steering Wheel Under $300 2

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Rotation: 200 and 900 degrees rotation

Feedback Type: Dual-Motor Feedback 

Compatibility: X/S/PC/PS4/PS3/Xbox One

Want a steering setup that perfectly goes with your PC and other setups as well? Look no further. The PC Steering Wheel is all about compatibility with maximum gaming setups. Moreover, three adjustable pedals with a slide-proof design give maximum control during crazy racing. 

You don’t have to stop yourself from playing your favorite racing game as this setup is perfect for all sorts of games. If you don’t prefer forced feedback, then this might be a considerable option for you. 

  • Affordable setup
  • Easy to control
  • Versatile design
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Sturdy and slide-proof design
  • No force feedback

3: DOYO Gaming Racing Wheel Xbox One Wheel Setup

5 Best budget Steering Wheel Under $300 3

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Rotation: 270 Degrees

Feedback Type: Dual Motor Feedback 

Compatibility: PC, PS4, PS3 Xbox, Android TV

If you are a new gamer and don’t have a huge budget for the steering wheel, then this Racing Wheel Setup will be your gaming partner. Everything feels in control as console buttons and sensitivity adjustment gives complete freedom while playing. 

Nobody can ignore the fact that maintaining all the advanced features for under 100 bucks is something appreciable. 

  • Recognize the game automatically
  • The gear system works effectively
  • No installation on window 10
  • Extremely affordable

  • The setup is quite bulky
  • No force feedback 

4: Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Setup 

5 Best budget Steering Wheel Under $300 4

Connectivity: USB

Rotation: 900 Degrees

Feedback Type: Force Feedback

Compatibility: Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC Mac

If you’re a pro gamer and want a budget steering wheel under $300, the Logitech G920 can be your lucky charm. Leather-wrapped wheel with hall-effect steering control gives extra reliability and resilience. This setup gives the ultimate racing experience and absolute control over clutch and gearing. 

You’ll never switch to any other steering system because you’ll find yourself in love with this one. 

  • The leather casing gives a good grip
  • Solid and well-built
  • Perfect button layout
  • Precise steering action
  • Anti-backlash tensioning keeps pedals tight

  • Base feels plastic

5: Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Budget Steering Wheel 

5 Best budget Steering Wheel Under $300 5

Connectivity: USB

Rotation: 240 Degrees

Feedback Type: No Force Feedback

Compatibility: Xbox Series, X/S, and One

Did we mention this Thrustmaster Ferrari in our list of budget steering wheels under $300? No? Here it is. Thrustmaster never disappoints whether quality or performance is concerned. The sturdy wheelbase offers intuition control over the game. 

Additionally, each pedal gives freedom to adjust inclination according to the user’s preferences. The realistic pedals and steering will give you real driving feel.

  • Perfect for all games
  • Quality finish
  • Great performance
  • Automatic wheel re-centering
  • No Force Feedback 

Final Verdict:

Getting an ultimate gaming partner must be an exciting feeling for every gamer. A functional and easy-to-use steering setup is surely a perfect gaming partner in racing games. 

We hope our detailed review article helps you realize some of the options for a budget steering wheel under $300. Don’t let your budget refrain you from enjoying the next level of gaming excitement and adrenaline rush. Get yourself a steering wheel and enjoy unlimited racing games. 

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