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About Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered PC System Requirements 1

Call of Duty  WWII is a first person shooting game which was first published in 2003 by Activision.
The game was mainly based on World wars and how they were done and what things happened during the time when it all happened but later on cod started making their game multiplayer and added 5v5 modes and now as in future they also have battle Royale modes in some games, Which is liked and disliked too by people.

The people who liked this changed said that it’s great that call of duty WWII is upgrading itself time by time and making new changes and not staying at the same place because moving on is better than staying at the same place for over a long time.

The people who dislikes this change states that the game is forgetting it’s Orginal form which was it made for and everything and they say that originality is better than anything.

Whatever the reason is, The game is both hated and liked by the people and majority of the people like it which is really great for the people.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered PC System Requirements 2

About Call Of duty : Moder warefare 2

Just like call of duty : modern-WAREFARE this game also focuses on realism making it fan Favourite again, Because who doesn’t like realism except some people, We can’t argue with cause everyone have their own opinion and ideas that they follow for them realism is a bad thing but for us we know that as technologies develop we will have more advanced graphics in future.

The graphics of this game are on different level, It the second part of Call of Duty: modern warfare which already had one of the most insane graphics and mechanism and now this, This game is just straight up heat with more optimized version of it’s previous game, The plot it have is really great too.

The mechanism of this game are on different level too and it feels like you are using the gun in real life, Making the game more fun and realistic experience which is liked by almost everyone.

The thing which is bit odd about the game is it’s originality, somewhere, somehow I feel like cod is moving from it’s originality of world ware games to more advanced version of the game like even in this game the game focuses on realistic problems that we are going through in current world which is good but at the same time it’s bit strange as the game was supposed to be a world ware game but it isn’t anymore.


The game is really good and made us think if we really should be rating this what we are about to rate cause everything seems perfect in the game but as the game is by the title of call of duty we were expecting some world war vibes but it had none so we concluded and make the decision of giving it an solid 8.9/10


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