Call of duty : modern warfare pc system requirements

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About Call of Duty

Call of Duty  WWII is a first person shooting game which was first published in 2003 by Activision.
The game was mainly based on World wars and how they were done and what things happened during the time when it all happened but later on cod started making their game multiplayer and added 5v5 modes and now as in future they also have battle Royale modes in some games, Which is liked and disliked too by people.

The people who liked this changed said that it’s great that call of duty WWII is upgrading itself time by time and making new changes and not staying at the same place because moving on is better than staying at the same place for over a long time.

The people who dislikes this change states that the game is forgetting it’s original form which was it made for and everything and they say that originality is better than anything.

Whatever the reason is, The game is both hated and liked by the people and majority of the people like it which is really great for the people.

Call of duty

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare is an awesome game and it’s single mode is based on realism and real strategies, It’s mainly based on intelligence services and govt owned department like CIA and FBI

The graphics of this game is really great too, The way the game is structured and the guns and the realism in this game is just on different level!

This game got an really great support from fans all over the world and sold many copies of it as soon as it launched!

This game was this good that it got best cod game of the decade so you can guess how popular it was after its release, People were hyping over it all the time and made this game one of the fan faviourite game launched by Activision.

There is an multiplayer mode too in this game which I like the most cause you can easily play with different people or your friends or family and what could be better than flexing your skills on your friends and family  all the time you spend on the game, You can showoff everything to them!

This game doesn’t really have that much of bad part about it so it’s hard to find them, Some people said this game was looking really bad but the games main motive was to look as much real as it could. That’s why the developers put so much efforts on this game making it look as much real as they could and I highly appreciate this part about the game.


To conclude the article I will say that the game gets an solid 9.5/10 the only thing I didn’t liked about the game is it’s age verification section.


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