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Earn Money by Writing

You can make upto $300 per month just by working from home

Things we write:

1. Gaming system requirement
2. pc Game walkthrough
3. Game review and news
4. Game tips and tricks
5. Gaming gear review

Career 1

What we are looking for: 

We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our network. Have amazing control over english language and also writing. Understand proper SEO articles and research modes. Have experience working in WordPress writing platform. 

We are looking for someone to work for long term. 

Salary Table

Payment Method: Paypal, Upwork, Direct bank transfer. 


Per Month


Need to write on any category Contract will be updated to "professional" depending on the quality of the work.


Per Month


Full-time job. + 30% bonus in every quarter.
Contact will be updated to "Editor" depending on the quality of work


Per Month


Editors are able to guide other writers and take this job as a full support for this family. 30% bonus in every quarter.
Career 2

First you need to register to our website as a publisher. Click here to Register
After registering please go to 

posts > add new . There you can write anything that you want. Please make sure to proofread and carefully check your writing. You can write about anything. Make sure your SEO is upto 80% or your post will not get approved. 

You can use grammarly software to check your grammar. 

We Process payment to all our writers at the end of the month. 

For starters you need to complete at least 30 articles per month to be eligible for payment. 

There is no article minimum for other category of writers. 

You can write about any topics you like which is related to gaming. You can also write review about gaming. 

Our posts very high standard. Your post will be rejected if they dont’ meet our standard. 

  1. do not format heavily. 
  2. Use simple H1, H2 or H3 tags
  3. Properly use images and give alt to the images
  4. The SEO score must be more than 80%
  5. At least 1 image and 1 featured image are required. 
  6. The post must be proof read for grammar errors. 
  7. You can look at the post example from our competitions:

Copyright infringement is something we take seriously. Before publishing articles we proofread for authenticity. You can rewrite any articles. But you can not copy paste from other sources.