Change Appearance in PUBG

Tencent games are always keen to provide you the best features and functionalities. After the successful launching of PUBG, now the game allows you to look different and impressive. In battle game their must be a look of solider and PUBG has now given the opportunity to choose your own appearance. The best part is that it is quite easy to transform your physical appearance.

As the game is on its peak and is the most popular around the globe. Game management is now realizing that when your level-up, you want to look more fresh and skillful. There is one condition if you want to reset your appearance; You must have at-least 3,000 BP or battle points. After achieving this milestone, you will be allowed to choose new look.

If you have earned this money, just follow following instructions:Instructions-change-appearance

  • Start the game and enter the home screen
  • Select inventory from main menu.
  • Click on”Reset Appearance arrows” which will appear right next to your original character.
  • Select the appearance according to your choice and then press OK.
  • If you have fewer Battle Points (currency used in PUBG), Click on the “Purchase” button to enter into the PUBG store to buy BP.



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