How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft?


If there’s one item that everybody understands about Minecraft, it’s that it’s one of the most personalized games out there. You can create brand-new worlds and add mods, among other things.

You must select one of the game modes, such as Survival, Creative, Adventure, or Spectator, when you first start a Minecraft game, and you often can’t alter it without wiping your file.

The customizability of Minecraft, however, also applies to its hacks. You can change the type of game you’re playing at any moment by using the console command “/gamemode.” It’s vital to remember that you must activate cheats in order to utilize them.

Complete Guide

How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft?


To start, press or tap the pause button.

change game mode in minecraft
Select Settings.

change game mode in minecraft

Click the dropdown menu under the headline “Personal Game Mode” and select the game mode you want to switch to. You could get a timely warning about the accomplishments of that planet being disabled. If this occurs, choose Continue.

change game mode in minecraft

A quick tip: You cannot activate Hardcore mode with this approach. Third-party software must be used to alter the game’s data in order to convert an existing world to Hardcore mode.

How to use the Minecraft gamemode command

Changing game modes in the Java version of Minecraft requires accessing the chat. It is optional for Bedrock and other editions.
1. Consult the table above and call up the chat window so you may type instructions.

2. If your platform allows it, enter the command /gamemode followed by the desired mode (Creative, Survival, Adventure, or Spectator) and a space. So, for instance, you might type: /gamemode creative to change from Survival to Creative.


Using the game mode selector

For players of the Java Edition, Mojang added a new way to change game modes in 2020.

1. Hold down the F3 key.

2. While depressing F3, press (and then release) F4. The menu will change. To switch between game modes from here, press and release F3 while holding down F4, or use the mouse.


Why can’t I switch Minecraft’s game mode?

How to Prepare. Select Personal Game Mode under Settings > Game. Open the chat window and use the /gamemode command after enabling cheats. Not all Minecraft versions have the Adventure, Hardcore, and Spectator modes.


How can one enter Survival mode?

Before entering /gamemode survival, /gamemode creative, /gamemode adventure, or /gamemode spectator, you must hit T. Pressing T will switch to Survival mode. Pressing /gamemode spectator will switch to Spectator mode.


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