How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft?

Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Minecraft can be a little irritating and takes a lot of patience because its focus is exploration. The game’s time-consuming mechanisms and the delayed loop are mostly to blame. As a result, many Minecraft farms become games of waiting rather than effective systems for gathering resources. Fortunately, if you know how to raise the tick speed in Minecraft, you can cure everything. If you master this one aspect, which dominates all of Minecraft’s dynamics, it will significantly simplify your life. Let’s get started and discover how to alter the tick speed in Minecraft.

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Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

How Changes in Tick Speed Affect In-Game Mechanics

The game randomly selects certain blocks and changes them as it updates its subchunks, which relates to the 16 16 16 regions. This occurs while the world’s creatures and other mechanisms are editing at the same time. In Minecraft, this is referred to as random tick speed.

In the Java version of Minecraft, the random tick speed is set to 3, but in the Bedrock version, it is set to 1. However, it is modifiable using Minecraft instructions. And the following Minecraft mechanisms are impacted by changes in the random tick speed:

spread out and extinguish the fire
Crop and sapling growth
Blocks of plants spreading
melting of the ice and snow
Turtle egg stages
Copper oxidation Campfire smokes
Modifications to some block states


How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft?

Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Input Cheat Codes in Minecraft
You must enable cheats in your world before you can use any commands in Minecraft. Toggle the “Activate Cheats” button in the Bedrock edition’s world settings to do this.

In the meanwhile, you may enable cheats on the Java edition by navigating to the “LAN World” settings under the pause menu and then selecting the “Allow Cheats” checkbox. You may freely utilize some of the most outstanding Minecraft commands once you’ve activated the hacks.

Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Change Tick Speed Using Commands
Use the “gamerule” command to alter the random tick speed in your Minecraft environment. You may modify a number of the game’s default settings using this command. To alter the random tick speed, follow these steps:

Use the T key on your keyboard or the right button on your controller’s D-pad to start by launching the in-game conversation. then enter the command as follows:

/gamerule randomTickSpeedX

Here, you may substitute any integer for the “X” and the game will adjust the random tick speed to that value. For instance, if you use the command “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 100,” your game will run incredibly quickly. Instead, you may use the command “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 2” to have the game go more slowly.

In order to discover the sweet spot that meets your demands, you must experiment with various random tick speeds. Additionally, use the following command to return the game to its usual tick rate:


"/gamerule randomTickSpeed 3" (Java) OR "/gamerule randomTickSpeed 1" (Bedrock)

As previously indicated, the Java edition’s default random tick speed is 3, whereas the default random tick speed for Bedrock is 1.


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